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Frequently Asked Questions about Acne and Diet

People say that diet doesn’t have any connection with acne, and acne is not caused by the foods that you eat. What is the connection between acne and diet?

A. Acne has very strong connection with diet. In fact, your diet can either cause acne to appear in your skin or not. This is particularly true if you have some allergic reactions toward certain foods. In this case, your diet will affect your skin condition in a more obvious way. No matter how you reject the notion that diet and acne are related in some ways, the evidence speaks for itself. Whether diet is a direct or indirect cause for acne, it doesn’t matter. The fact is that your diet can affect your skin condition and it can trigger acne to appear in your skin, whether directly or indirectly.

Q. What foods do I need to eat regularly in order to cure my acne problem?

A. In general, you should eat a lot of healthy foods regularly. What are healthy foods? They are natural foods, such as fruits and vegetables. It is recommended for you to eat fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables regularly because they are the best nourishment for your body.

Q. Can I cook my foods?

A. Yes, of course. You don’t need to avoid cooked foods completely. Just be sure that you are keeping your diet in balance. For instance, most people who have acne often eat cooked foods too often without balancing their diet with healthy foods. As a result, they are building more and more toxins inside their body, which causes acne to appear in their skin. When you eat cooked foods, be sure to balance your diet with healthy foods as well.

Q. Can I clear my acne by fasting?

A. It will depend on how bad your acne is. The purpose of fasting is to clear the toxins within your body without allowing any more toxic buildup to occur within your body. If you have severe acne condition, it is good for you to fast for a few days, but the best way to clear your acne is by changing your diet completely so that you don’t need to fast in order to clear the toxins within your body.

Q. Is bad diet the only cause for acne?

A. Bad diet is not the only cause for acne. In fact, it is just one of the many causes of acne. But, by changing your diet, you’ll be able to solve most of your acne problems. You also need to do many things in order to cure acne completely, such as preventing stress from entering your mind, having proper sleep schedule, having regular exercises, and so on.

Q. Can I cure my acne without changing my diet?

A. If you already have a healthy diet, the answer is yes. But, if you don’t have a healthy diet for now, then the answer is no. Acne is not a cosmetic problem, and therefore it can’t be treated as one. You can’t just apply any topical product to your skin and wish for magic to happen. Without changing your diet, all your attempts to cure your acne from the outside will fail.

Q. So, is there any good product for me to completely cure my acne?

A. There is no magic product that will help you to cure your acne completely with a single touch. But, you can apply a system that will help to deal with your acne from the root cause, which will allow you to cure your acne completely within a short period of time.

Mirza J. Utama