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French Manicure With a Twist – Pink on Pink

As I’ve shared before, doing my nails is not really my strong suit. I’d love to get them done all the time, but that’s way too expensive and I’d miss out on some fantastic products. I continue to try to branch out from my safe one-color nails, and the latest is a twist on the French manicure.

I’ve never been a fan of the French manicure. I think is because I’ve seen it done badly way too often. In my mind, the point of a French manicure is to exaggerate the natural pink and white of the nail, thereby glamorizing the length of the nail beyond the finger bed. A lot times, however, you see white so matte it looks tacky or pink so far off the natural it screams I want to look like a drag queen. Mucho props, however, to those of you (professional and do-it-yourselfers) who are doing it correctly.

I decided to take a twist on the French manicure. If it’s going to look completely removed from the natural, why not take that even further? The inspiration for this look was two beautiful pink Dermelect shades I was sent to test out.

The polishes are infused with peptides, and meant to endure chipping and dinging much better than other polish. Overall, they stood up fairly well to the promise. Eventually it did chip but more like five or six days later instead of my usual two or three (yes I am that rough on my hands.) You could tell it was high quality polish, because it went on like a dream, even with my unsteady hands.

Overall, I’d give the project a 7 out of 10. As they often say on Project Runway – great idea, poor execution. One friend said “I could see what you were trying to do.” Another said “Did you freehand that? Why didn’t you just buy the guides at the drugstore?” Another humiliating moment where the beauty expert got schooled – as this was my first French manicure, I had no idea those even existed. I have since bought a set and can’t wait to try this idea with new colors.

Liz Perry