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Follow some effective steps to take care of hairs during winter

Hair care is one of the important things we follow. Hair care differs from season to season. It takes special care for hairs in each season. As the temperature starts dripping people worry about hairs and complain for hair damage or hair loss or dandruff. What if you already know how to care for hairs in each season? By knowing it you can easily manage you hairs and look beautiful with shining and soft hairs! Here we are going to discuss about how to take care of hairs in winter season.

Ayurveda tips:

–          Apply oil on scalp every day to treat scalp conditions as oiling before 30 minutes of washing is good for hairs. It works as a conditioner for treating problems of scalp and hairs.

–          Some oils are very effective on hairs and scalp like Coconut oil, Aamla oil, and Mustard oil.

–          Moreover, if you are facing dandruff problem mix the juice of lemon with little coconut oil and apply on your scalp overnight for better results. Wash your hairs in the morning and get rid of dandruff.

–          Furthermore, if you want to try pure Ayurveda tip you need to take two tbsp. powdered hibiscus flowers and mix with hot water. Wait for few minutes and let the mixture cool. Now apply to hairs and wait 10 to 15 minutes then rinse properly.

General tips:

 –          Whenever you go out it is beneficial to wear cap or scarf to protect hairs from cold. Remember, never go out with wet hairs as it results in hair breakage and split ends starts.

–          Moreover, it is more useful to wash hairs at night to decrease the chances of hair becoming rough and dry due to cold.

–          During winter avoid blow drying and curling as more amount of heat may create harmful effect on hairs.

–          Overuse of hairdryer makes you hairs dry and damaged hairs. Use it appropriately and try to blow dry your hair sometimes only.

–          Use conditioner after doing washing your hairs for soft, smooth, and silky hairs. Apply it on the end of hairs and give a shine to your hairs.

People always do the common mistake of washing their hairs very repeatedly during winter season. In cold temperature hairs and scalp becomes dry very rapidly. So it is advised that do not wash your hairs too often but with gap of some days. If you do so it is the best way to let the natural skin oils of your scalp keeps your hairs health.