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Five Essential Tips For Gorgeous Hair

Five essential tips for gorgeous hair? Isn’t that simplifying things a bit, Haircare 101, we hear you cry? Well, yes and no. The truth of the matter is, hair is a relatively simple entity – though it doesn’t feel like that if you’ve been battling your hair type for your entire life. Controlling and managing your hair, as well as getting those luscious locks you’ve always dreamed of, requires attention to detail and diligence – but it is possible. The tips that follow apply to all types of hair, and can be used at any stage of life. So, what are you waiting for…?

1. Avoid Heat-Based Appliances

These may seem like a bit of a shocker, but wherever possible it is best to do without heated appliances on your hair. This obviously poses problem; heat-based appliances form the centre of hair styling, from the simple hair dryer to ceramic plated hair straighteners. Yet while these items can indeed make your hair look good for a day, in the long run, they’re doing more damage than they’re worth.

Wherever you possibly can, leave your hair to dry naturally. The hair dryer is the worst sinner in the hair damaging stakes, so perhaps try letting hair dry naturally and then using straighteners – skipping the need for the hair dryer all together. Occasional use (once a week, for example) of both products together isn’t going to have much of a lasting effect, but continual daily use of a hair straightener and a hair dryer is. Prioritise which appliances you need and when you need to use them.

Don’t forget to use a heat protection balm, no matter how often you used a heated appliance. If you’re short on cash, a simple spritz of hairspray has some benefits and is better than heating completely unprotected hair.

2. Don’t Brush Your Hair When It’s Wet

Again, another fundamental part of most people’s routines is challenged, but this is fairly simple. When hair is wet (either because you got caught in a rain storm of you’ve just showered), it’s weak, and if you brush weak hair you’re more prone to breakages and split ends.

Absolutely avoid bristle brushes when your hair is wet. Instead, if you really can’t wait for your hair to try, use a wide, plastic comb to separate strands and gently unpick knots rather than forcing the comb through them. Your hair will thank you in the long run.

3. Maintain, Maintain, Maintain

Nothing ruins the look of a hair style like split ends, so keeps yours in tip top condition by trimming them every six to eight weeks. You can do this yourself, or by visiting a hairdresser. Just snip the worst of the split ends off each individual strand, and your overall hair appearance will improve. Gorgeous, glossy, well maintained hair.

4. Give Your Hair A Break

For the average woman, hair goes through a tough time of it. We shampoo, we condition, we after-condition, we use heat appliances and various grips and shapers to create a style. Such rigorous styling and maintenance can leave hair dull and lifeless, so once every six months, have a ‘week off’. Use a mild, organic shampoo and conditioner each time you wash, and that’s it. You may need to wear your hair tied back for the duration of the time away from styling products, but after a week’s break, your hair will be back on form.

5. Follow Directions!

This may seem like a basic, but people not following directions for use on products is one of the major reasons for hair disasters. If a dye kit says to do a strand test, do a strand test. If you’re meant to leave a conditioning balm on for three minutes, then leave it on for at least three minutes. If a product isn’t suitable for your hair type, don’t use it. There’s no point spending a fortune on products if you don’t give them time to work, or follow the basic guidelines of the manufacturers. Treat your hair with respect, and you’ll see a dramatic improvement.

TJ Kelly