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Many different companies have developed their own ultrasound-like fish finding gadgets a long time ago. But Map tech’s new i3 module is the first of its kind. It’s the first ever touch screen, hi-resolution 3D Fish finger. Yes, you can literally see the kind of fish that’s swimming around under your boat, in super clear images and in real time.

The i3 Touch Screen command on the fishing gadget can help you navigate the floor of the lake or sea with a radar, combine it with satellite communication and a weather report too.

This is an absolutely MUST for those who seriously looking into easy-fishing.

Mono filament fishing lines

There’s absolutely nothing worse than to have a fish on the hook and have the line snap! Well, no more snapping of fishing line with the latest development in mono filament fishing lines. Mono filament fishing lines come in a wide range of colors, sizes, thickness and strength. Although it’s stronger than some of the other more conventional fishing lines, they are cheaper. Mono filament fishing lines comes with special coating that keeps them from snapping easily. The only thing is that they don’t stretch as good as other types of fishing lines but they make up for it with their bulk and strength.

Mono filament fishing lines are also quite transparent over the water and hold knots pretty well.

Fashion is always cool too

Sometimes, cool has nothing to do with technology. It’s got more to do with the brain and ‘creativity’. If your husband, brother, or father is a fishing fanatic, you can always get them fashionable fishing gear with extra pockets to place their scissors and hooks. Perhaps the water-proof raincoat with fluorescent streak for night fishing, perhaps. And how about the water-proof watch? That’ll work perfectly. And how about an X-LOOP flash mirror polarized lens? Sunglasses for baking in the sun and raincoat for fishing in the rain are exceptionally cool gears we cannot ignore.

Let’s take the sunglasses as an example. The sunglasses not only remove the glare and improve the quality of what you see with your naked eye, you see the same scene in deep colors and contrasts. These sunglasses are developed specifically for fishing enthusiasts.

Lowrance Fish-Finders – The Best in Fishing Technology

The Lowrance Fish-Finder is the very same brand that my grandfather trusted, and my father does. Both loved to fish, but both were impatient and wanted to know where the fish were. The Lowrance Fish-Finder, always at the top of the technology game, worked the best for them. (I am sure it was all that kept them from using a quarter stick of TNT).

My grandfather loved new technology, having worked for McDonnell Douglas, and on the Apollo missions. (I have the NASA pens to prove that. ) Before that he served in the U.S. Navy, So when he said that Lowrance was the best product for the price. Grandpa had a much older unit, actually he had a few in his time but the last was the Lowrance X 15. If he were still with us I know he would have the H.D.S.8. Just like I do.

My dad on the other hand often uses his Lowrance H.D.S.7 to pre-load routes before a long fishing trip, He then would edit them while we were underway. The Lowrance H.D.S.7 allows Dad to store routes for future use.

While pop’s (my step father) Loves the Lowrance H.D.S.10 it is perfect for his fishing boat with the built-in cartography choices including Enhanced U.S. Base map and Coastal coverage of the U.S. and the Navionics (R) World Background map (non-Americas) both very useful to him.

Starting out in 1957, the first Lowrance Fish-Finder went for $150.00 while others went for $2000.00. They were then and I believe now the best value for your hard-earned dollar. There are many web sites where you can read all about various Fish-Finders. But buying the right Fish-Finder for you, and the type of fishing you will be doing whether it is a hand-held model or an H.D.S.-7. The Lowrance Fish-Finder is the fisherman’s dream, because it not only allows them to see where the fish are, but will also show you if there are weeds of other obstructions that could be a hindrance. They use sound navigation and ranging (SONAR) technology to emit an electronic sound signal that echoes back to the device providing the underwater information. This is similar to what dolphins and bats do naturally.

5 Reasons You Need a New Fishing Rod

If you’re a keen angler, then you may already know how you can benefit from having several fishing rods.

1. Different types of fishing require different types of rods. There are dedicated fishing rods for catching trout and salmon, whilst fishing at sea, and for those wanting to catch bigger fish. Perhaps your style of fishing has changed. Maybe you’ve moved house and are now nearer the sea, or a river. Your old fishing tackle may now not be the most suitable or appropriate for your new type of fishing.

2. Rivers, lakes, and streams all present different terrains and different sorts of fish. Having the right sort of fishing rod for the right conditions will help you to be prepared and give you a better chance of catching more fish. If you’re fishing rivers, you may be standing in the river for a long time whilst trying to catch fish. Having a lightweight rod can make a difference. Maybe you’re going to be sat on the bank all day, so a heavier rod might be more suitable.

3. If you fish all year round, you may prefer a different rod at different times of year. You might need a holiday rod, or one that you can let the children use. Some people also like to have a longer rod when fishing in higher water, as they find it easier to control. This is especially important when you consider you could be in the water for several hours.

4. Perhaps you just want to keep up with new technology, and advances in rod technology. There are many recent advances in fishing rod technology, and in other areas of fishing tackle. Perhaps you fish a lot and get a lot of use out of your fishing tackle. Maybe you do genuinely need new fishing equipment, and a new fishing rod is high on your list.

5. If you’re a lapsed angler, and haven’t been fishing for ages, perhaps some new fishing tackle will inspire you again. Maybe you’ve only just started fishing, and have been used a friend’s old rod until you decided that you needed to buy your own fishing tackle. Maybe you’re old fishing tackle has been stored at the back of the garage for years, and is past its best.

Having different fishing rods makes sense. Having the right equipment for the right situations is likely to make you enjoy fishing more, and get better at it. You’re bound to lose enthusiasm if your equipment is old and has seen better days. Why not see what your local fishing shop has to offer?

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