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Fine Dining Reduces Your Chances of Overeating

Tuck in your napkin and wait for the food to be served. How do you enjoy eating in fine dining restaurants? Would you rather enter a busy sports bar Stamford than sit down and wait for a four-course meal on a restaurant? You might not be paying too much attention to the décor of the place you are eating in, but it can actually alter your appetite.

The psychology of hunger and appetite are important for every restaurateur. You can also use the information in this article to improve your own dining experience and make wiser decisions when you are eating out.

Studies have shown that restaurant decors can alter your eating experience. Ever wondered why fastfoods stick to red, orange and yellow color scheme? McDonald’s, KFC and other big names in the industry usually have these three warm colors in their places. Not only the colors but also the environment of the venue can affect the appetite of the eaters.

Experts in food technology conducted a research published in the Psychology Reports journal wherein they assessed the appetite of their costumers depending on the environment of the restaurant. They took over Hardees, a restaurant in Illinois, and converted the other half of the place into an establishment with fine dining services. This half of the place has soft lighting and slow music playing while the other remained a fastfood joint with loud music and bright colors.

The results of the said study suggest that people who eat at fine dining restaurants tend to take their time over their food. On average, fine diners eat less, consuming only 775 calories compared to the 949 calories that an average restaurant goer would eat. This implies that when you prefer to eat at fine dining establishments where the atmosphere is more relaxed, you might enjoy your dining experience more and consume less.

If you have the tendency to overeat while ordering supersized portions at your favorite fast food joint check this blog, that could be the reason why you find it hard to lose those extra pounds. The bright lights and color stimulates your palate and makes you more sociable, meaning you might enjoy the conversation more than the food.

Red is a powerful appetite stimulant while yellow keeps the conversation going. Add to that the buzz of activity around you and you are more likely to gobble down on your food fast and in big bites. Think about it – would you be wolfing down your food like that if you are in a place with waiters and table settings?

Gail Parker