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Exploring the Sporty Side Of Geneva

Geneva, and Switzerland in general, is renowned for its beautiful winter season, when the country becomes covered in snow and offers plenty of quaint landscapes and winter-sport opportunities. Tourists flock to the country to indulge in fondue and chocolate and, at Geneva airport, ski transfers are the order of the day. What most visitors to the country may not know is that Switzerland offers plenty of opportunities for nature-based sports and activities, which stretch far beyond the skiing and snowboarding that made the country famous among fitness enthusiasts.


During the summer months, for instance, Geneva airport ski transfers become kayaking transfers, as the two rivers that run through the city offer canoeing enthusiasts the chance to experience a number of excellent rapids. Those less versed in the sport can also settle for a kayaking tour down either river, or deepen their knowledge of the sport by taking a short introductory course at one of the riverside kayak rental companies.

Horse riding

Horse riders will also find the city accommodates their hobby; not only that, it treasures it. Horseback riding is a hallowed tradition here, and tourists whisking to their resorts on Geneva airport ski transfers are likely to see riders happily trotting along by the side of the road. The region is rife with stables offering leisurely countryside strolls or more formal dressage events. ‘Couch jockeys’ might settle for a visit to the International Horse Show and Jumping Competition, the largest equestrian Cup in the world.

Walking tours

Aside from these traditional sports, the region also offers excellent opportunities for walking tours – an excellent way to keep fit and see sights at the same time. During the warmer months, swimming aficionados will also enjoy the opportunity to do so in the nearby Plage complex, which doubles as a thrill-laden water park or relaxing beach environment. After indulging in all manner of sporting events, visitors to the Swiss city may want to relax in the Turkish baths at Bains de Paquis, which also offers a diving platform for those who have not had their fill of physical activities just yet.

It is clear, then, the city offers far more to physical activity enthusiasts than just the traditional Geneva airport ski transfers. Whatever the time of year, it offers a wide range of opportunities to keep fit and indulge in your favourite sport or activity, while still enjoying the great outdoors and all the picturesque sights the Swiss capital has to offer.

Lukas Johannes