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Everything you need to know about Fruit

Fresh Fruit Delivery

People living in the city will often complain about the limited availability of really fresh fruit. Very few people in the city have the luxury of picking fresh fruit from the garden and having it the same day.

With growing health awareness and increasing preference for organic fruit, people are getting all the more conscious as to where the fruit that ends up on their dining table comes from. Knowing that the fruits delivered to them are fresh, unspoiled by long storage hours, can indeed be very reassuring for people.

There is nothing better than having your choice of fresh fruits delivered straight to your doorstep. It puts an end to driving long hours to farmers markets to procure fresh fruit or having to opt for not so fresh fruits from the local supermarket which generally stocks fruit which have gone through a very long storage period.

Growing Fruit Trees

Growing fruit trees however is unimaginable for many people living in the city. Imagine rows and rows of apple trees and cherry trees interspersed with strawberry bushes. Imagine picking fresh fruit from the trees you have tenderly nurtured and grown.

Growing fruit trees requires a bit of knowledge about the kind of soil and climate necessary. If done properly, one can be assured of a steady supply of a wide variety of fruit whole year round. If planned properly, fruit trees can not only add nutrition to your meals but also add to the beauty of your garden.

Some of the common fruit trees and bushes which can be grown with little effort are strawberries, apples, pears, peaches, plums, raspberries and cranberries. What a pleasure it will be to bake apple pies, strawberry cakes and make plum marmalade from fruits picked from one’s own garden.

Growing fruit trees, like having your own vegetable patch of flower garden can be therapeutic and guaranteed to give you your own personal retreat.

Fresh Fruit Baskets

Fresh fruit baskets on the dining table not only make for pretty home decor but are a healthy alternative to the typical vase of lilies. Fresh fruit baskets filled with shining red apples, nice yellow bananas, bunches of juicy grapes temptingly invites passer bys to pick some up. Everyone will agree that fresh fruit is a healthier alternative than reaching for a packet of potato chips.

A basket full of red luscious strawberries is indeed a thoughtful gift which is also aesthetically pleasing. Can anyone think of a better gift for a friend who has not been keeping well, than a basket filled with fresh healthy fruit? A pretty cane basket overflowing with grapes and oranges is sure to brighten up anyone’s day.

Arranging fruits in a basket is an art much like decorating flowers to make elaborate bouquets. In the case of fruits, along with aesthetics, one also has to look at the seasonality and availability of fresh fruit.

So the next time you are thinking whether to take along flowers or wine, consider a beautifully decorated fresh fruit basket.