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What about bridal hair and make up

Every little girl dreams of looking her absolute best on her wedding day. She wants the perfect dress, hairstyle and makeup as she walks down the aisle to meet her perfect man. Thanks to the artists specialising in bridal hair and makeup, every bride can now get exactly what she wants. Those artists will meet with clients before the big day, talk to them about their needs and show them work they did before. Before talking to an artist about bridal makeup Perth residents can find out more about different styles and prices.

Prices of Bridal Makeup

The price that you’ll pay for bridal makeup depends on exactly what you need. A typical makeup session takes 45 minutes and costs $120. If you need your hair done also, you’ll spend an extra 45 minutes with the artist and spend another $120. Some brides opt for touch ups, which costs an additional $80. By the time you finish crying after exchanging your vows and shaking the hands of dozens of wedding guests, you’ll want to have at least one touch up.

 Benefits of Professional Styling

If you aren’t sure why you should use a professional for your makeup Perth needs, just think about the great benefits. You won’t worry about seeing pictures of your big day with mascara smudged under your eyes, red splotches on your face or lipstick smeared across your cheeks. You can just relax, sit back and let an expert work on your makeup. Why worry about your shaking hands when you can let an expert do your makeup for you and make you look your best?

 Looks and Styles

Bridal hair and makeup comes in a number of different styles. If you love historic antiques, you might opt for the vintage look. Whether you want an elegant updo from the 1920s or some cute curls from the 1940s, this is the right look for you. The glamor look is best suited for women who love Hollywood and all things expensive and luxurious. Those exchanging vows outside might opt for the basic natural look, while other brides love the sweet and romantic look.

Bridal Packages

As much as you worry about your makeup and hair, you probably worry about the other members of your bridal party too. With the right packages, you can take care of all the needs of your bridal party. For a fee of $120, your artist will spend 30 minutes working on the makeup of one bridesmaid, and you can pay the same amount for your bridesmaid’s hair. The two bridesmaid package costs $100 per person, the three person package drops the price to $90 per bridesmaid and if you have four or more people, you’ll pay just $80 per person. You’ll also find packages that take care of the hairstyling for your flower girls and the younger members of your bridal party. Many brides also choose a half-day with the artist. No matter which packages or services you choose, you’ll feel much happier on your big day.

Mark Thomson