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Essential Makeup For Beginners

Makeup can be a scary thing if you’re just getting started. There are so many different items to choose from, and they all do so many different things. When just starting out. It’s important to stick with the basics and keep things simple. There are certain items that are perfect for a beginner to use, that will give you a full, finished look, without being overwhelmed with too many things. Here are some essentials that every girl should have in her makeup bag.

Foundation or BB Cream

Foundation can be scary for a first timer because you don’t want to end up with a cakey and unnatural look. But with a little bit of practice, applying foundation is very simple. Foundation is important for starting with a nice, smooth base for applying all other makeup. For those who don’t need full coverage, go for a BB cream which will even out the surface of your skin in a much lighter fashion.


If you do decide to skip out on foundation, concealer is the one you should make sure you have. Concealer is perfect for hiding little blemishes around the face. Concealer is also great for brightening under the eyes and covering up dark circles. Just a couple of dabs can completely transform your appearance, and make you look more awake.


Powder is necessary for setting your foundation and concealer. It will take away the shine and help your makeup last throughout the day. Many powders are also great at preventing your makeup from creasing.


This one isn’t completely necessary, but it’s definitely a good thing to have. Eyeliner can really help make your eyes pop. If you’re going to skip out on eyeshadow completely, it doesn’t hurt to have eyeliner on hand. You can use eye to add a subtle pop to the eyes, or you can use something more dramatic like liquid liner for a night out on the town.


This is hands down one of the best makeup essentials. Mascara can make all the difference in the world. A bit of mascara will help open of your eyes, and make your lashes look longer and fuller. It can top off an eye look, or be the only thing that you need to make you look completely put together. If you haven’t been using mascara, get some. It can be a life changer.

Lipgloss or Lipstick

Adding a hint of color to the lips can bring an entire look together. Lipstick is a lot of fun for all kinds of colors and looks. If you don’t like the feel of lipstick, lipgloss does a fine job at bringing lips to life. For those who want something that is in between a gloss and a lipstick, many makeup brands offer something called lip butter, which is moisturizing like a gloss, but more pigmented in color like a lipstick.

Lilah Adams