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Equipment for swimming-beginners

1.Swimming goggle is the most important because it can help you

understand water. You may have been under water before without

goggles, so you never learn how to swim. Buy a kind of one which is

waterproof, fog-proof, UV-proof in good brands.

2.Silicone swimming cap can be waterproofing. It’s not wise for you

to step into the swimming pool without the cap.

3.A floating plate, can be useful in the previous period while little use

in the later period. Some pools may provide, so you can make use of

them. 4.Swimsuit, of course, is essential. Select those with great flexibility to

buy, and do not buy those baggy ones, in a smaller size or fitting size,

do not buy big size. Best to buy sports swimwear, do not buy the

kind of hot springs, for they may be out of use after a few times.