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Different types of manicure kits

There are different types of manicure kits available in the market.

1) Manual

2) Electronic

Manual manicure kits includes stainless steel tools comprising tweezers, scissors, nail nippers and cuticle nippers. Choosing the right manicure is very essential to get the desired results.

Many people try to save money and end up getting the useless manicure set. Although the manicure case looks flashy and beautiful but the instruments in the kits are useless because the price of the set is not much to fulfill the qualitative variables.

1) Chinese Versions

Chinese versions of manicure sets are very beautiful and look amazing. They are ideal for teens and consumers looking for flashy products but the end result is not appropriate as required.

2) Korean Versions

Korean manicure kits are good and fulfills some what need for manicure. The instruments stay longer and sharp.

3) Hand Made Versions

Hand made manicure sets are the most amazing and works perfect in all the environments. All the instruments are hand crafted, hand polished and inspected for perfect results each and every time. The hand made versions are very expensive but the results the sets produce are amazing. Consumers can achieve the desired result by using hand made versions. Its hard to find the hand made versions of manicure sets.

It depends upon the consumer what kind of end results they want. If they want to get normal nails they can use the chinese versions. If they want to get the good results they can get the Korean versions and if they want 100% professional results they can get Hand made versions.

4)Electronic Versions

There are different electronic versions are available for manicure versions. In a serious node they are not perfect for manicuring. Most of the tools are battery operated and they don’t work perfect under hard conditions.

The batteries dies quickly and it costs a lot. With comparison to electronic manicure sets, the manual are far better and works amazing in all the situations.

So in my opinion if you are going to buy a manicure set you should not go for electronic version but should go for manual versions of sets. In the manual versions consumers should opt between the korean versions and hand made versions.

Steve Ricky