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Design Your Own Nails With These Styles

Thinking of creating your own nail designs? If you’re a beginner, then you’re going to need some awesome styling tips that are not too hard before you move into the more complex designs. Here are some of them:

Alternate the Colors

Alternating nail polish colors on every finger will surely grab attention and this is one nail design that is so easy to do; simple and takes little effort.

Effect Nail Polish

There are a lot of effect nail polished in the market today such as the Crackle, Croc, Magnet, Color changing effect, etc. This is a very simple design and if you want to go with this, then you might want to stock up on some effect nail polishes.

Nail Stickers

There are a lot of ready to use nail art designs that you can use such as nail stickers. They are very easy to apply and it always comes with easy instructions that you can follow.

Dotting Manicure

This is the easiest and the first step when it comes to this. Dots look so simple and they are so elegant. You can start drawing dots on your nails to make flowers, too!


Stripes look so attractive on the nails and it is one of the favorites today. To create stripes, you may need a nail art striper pen or you can create stripes with the use of a thin brush.

Flower Design

You can easily make a flower on your nail by connecting the dots. Again, this is a very easy design that you can do!

Animal Prints

Animal prints like leopard is very easy to do and they will look so cute on your nails!


To make your nails look extra elegant, you might want to consider rhinestones nail design.


You can do this by using a stick and contrasting colors for a cartoon art design. For the cartoon effect, you can easily get yourself some stickers for this.

Newspaper Design

You can make use of newspapers to create an awesome nail art! To know more about this you can look up some tutorials over the Internet.

These are some of the simple nail designs that you might want to consider if you’re thinking of designing your nails on your own. The good news is that you can easily do these designs at home. If you think that you can’t, then you will be surprised to know that there are a lot of tutorials on the Internet that can help you create beautiful art on your nails on your own and aside from that, there are also some amazing tips and hacks out there that will help you save more money when it comes to your supplies.

Mona Farooq M