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Day to Night Make-up Easy Transformation Series

With summer time here, it’s sometimes quite difficult and uncomfortable trying to wear make-up. It’s even more difficult trying to keep it looking fresh all day long when you are perspiring and feeling a bit sticky. If you live in a humid client, it’s even more difficult. That is why I’m going to kick my summer series blogs off with a make-up series. My first subject is about how to easily transition from day to night make-up. Our first topic within this subject series will focus on make-up touch ups.

By the end of the day, especially in the summer, your make-up has more than likely worn off. You are horrified at how your worn make-up looks and all you want to do is go somewhere and sip a cool after work, happy hour drink. However, you just know you can’t go anywhere with that worn looking make-up. What’s a girl to do?

Take a little bit of time before you leave the office or get to a restroom with a mirror and clean it up. Summer heat can produce oily skin and you want to take a minute and blot away the shine. Gently wipe away any remnants of smudged mascara and make sure you retouch your concealer. If you feel a bit oilier than usual or feel like you are going to get oily when you step into the heat, apply a thin layer of translucent face powder.

Not only does cleaning your face help for that night time transition, it’s an added health benefit for your skin. Oily skin can cause acne, blotches, and cause you to appear older than you really are. Be sure to add sunscreen to your skin before stepping out for the evening. During the summer, we experience longer hours of sunshine and our skin needs protection. Although we may love to lay in the sun and feel it against our skin, without proper protection, your skin and face can become damaged. There’s nothing worse that wearing a cute summer outfit that shows off cracked, burned, and old looking skin.

Our final tip for that day to night beauty transition is to drink plenty of water during the day. Water keeps your skin and face hydrated and fresh looking. It’s also a great way to keep your body from getting dehydrated during a night out when you might be drinking alcohol or ingesting not so healthy food. While some of our aforementioned tips are immediate, some are simply preventive.

That’s all it takes for a quick make-up touch up. Cleanliness, Proactivity, and Protection.

Tracey Roulhac