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Create perfect dramatic look with Smokey Eye make up

Everybody, takes pride in their appearance especially women. Having an opportunity to experiment with make up products can increase confidence and make you feel good about yourself. It is very important to feel good about your image and appear stylish. In order to carry yourself like a diva , it is very important to get the right make- up. Smokey -eye make up has been in trend for quite sometime. The magic of smokey eyes can immediately transform you from your ordinary look to stylish and mysterious.

One of the keys for glamorous smokey eye makeup is what everybody says – “to blend it well”. Other than blend well saying, it is also very important to choose your eye shadow carefully. Depending upon how much matte effect your want for the whole look, you can choose between shimmer and matte eye shadow. This eye make up is perfect for any occasion. From subtle to glam, this is perfect makeup for morning to evening party look. This is very popular makeup trend these days and isn’t difficult to decode. Once you know the basic techniques to apply eye makeup, creating smokey eye makeup is easy. All you need is right makeup and the confidence to flaunt your beauty.

5 simple steps to create perfect smokey eye makeup.

Prep– It is very important to prep your lid with primer to keep it oil-free. It is well known fact that a single swipe of primer across the eyelid before you apply eye make up as it works as a base for your entire make up look. In case, you have dark circles under your eye it is must to use concealer and powder to avoid looking like a vamp.

Defining Eyeliner – The main aim of this step is to define eyes with black eyeliner. To get the look right, ensure that you apply eyeliner close to your lash line then thicken it in the middle of your eye. Use a water proof and smudge free eye liner that lasts longer. You can also try the cat eye or winged tip eyeliner look to enhance your eyes and make them look bigger.

Smudged effect– For the smokey eyes to deliver its full impact, smudge the eyeliner with a cotton bud. The end result will be a darker and fuller eye makeup look that makes your eyes look amazingly sexy.

Lighter eye shadow shade – Start with a light colored eye shadow. A nice cream shade is a perfect base. To highlight your eye make up, apply a little shimmery shadow to your lids too. An important makeup tip to remember is – A dampened eye shadow helps to settle the makeup in place and makes it lasts all day.

Dark eye shadow shade– After base and eyeliner, it’s time for smokey effect. Using eye shadow brush, apply darker shade starting from your inner lid and moving upwards. Blend it well. Don’t let the darker shade go beyond your crease line. Double-check your handwork for any non blended patches. For an evening party look, create smokey eyes with purple or bronze colored eye shadow.

Time to flaunt this Sexy Smokey Eye look – To add that extra bit to your look, plump your lip with bright red lipstick . Dark mysterious eyes and sexy pout is all it takes for you to become the life of party.

Alisha Jain