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Color Your Hair at Home With These Hair Coloring Tips

Did you know that it is estimated that nearly 40 percent of women color their hair at home? Those who buy their own hair coloring products and do it themselves are saving a lot of money on expensive appointments with a hair colorist.

This is what you will need to color your own hair:

  • an old shirt
  • Vaseline
  • Q-tips
  • kitchen timer
  • latex gloves,
  • 2-3 boxes of color
  • some old towels
  • a plastic applicator bottle with a slant-tip
  • a tint brush which has stiff, short bristles

These last two items will help you to cover all the layers in your hair. You can get them from your local beauty-supply store.

Here are some tips to help you to color your hair at home:

Keep your hair moisturised.

Condition your hair regularly because color applies best to healthy, hydrated hair.

Choose the color that’s right for you

It is best to select a color that is within one or two shades of your natural hair color. If you tried a dramatic change and it went wrong, it could be expensive to fix and require one or two visits to a professional colorist to put right.

Before you start make sure that you have at least two boxes of dye because you don’t want to run out midway and end up with a botched job!

Use two different shades

When you purchase the color get two shades – one being your true color and the other one being slightly lighter. Then mix some of each together and apply it to the area around your face. Then apply your true color to the remainder of your hair. This will This will have a brightening effect, add depth and stop it looking flat.

Do a test first

Test the dye first on a few strands before you try it out on your entire head to ensure that you have chosen the right shade. Try testing some strands just above your ear because no one will see it there. Leave the color on for about15 minutes and then check the results in natural light. If it looks fine then go ahead, otherwise choose a different color

Protect Your Skin.

Some of the chemicals in the dye could irritate your skin, so it’s a good idea to spread some Vaseline along your hairline with a Q-tip or your finger before you apply the color.

Use more color, if necessary

If you have a lot of gray hair that is hard to cover, then use slightly more color and slightly less developer rather than equal amounts. This will enable you to deposit more pigment and give you easier coverage.

Do not wash your hair first.

Wait for the day after shampooing your hair, otherwise the color could irritate your scalp.

If you apply these tips, with a bit of practice, your friends will soon be asking you which salon you use to get such wonderful results!

Sarah Jane Walker