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To avoid mascara flowing at the slightest tear, it is best to always look for a waterproof product ( BUT CAUTION: HORRIBLE removing makeup ) . This product is simply a must in summer. In general , even if you do not have a sensitivity problem , always opt for products dermatologically tested and Ophthalmologist . Finally, when it comes to mascara , it is also wise to use a mascara base which is often white and will protect your eyelashes while magnifying the effect of the mascara.

The right thing : Put some product on the tip of the lashes and then stretch the product from the lash line to the tip. We must lift up the eyelashes by making a zigzag motion .

The trick : To avoid the effect packets , periodically clean your mascara brush . If you put too much mascara , place a tissue between the upper and lower lashes and close your eyes .

The different types of brushes : There are three types of brushes. The volumizing brushes which are cylindrical and wide enough . The allongeantes brushes that are cylindrical or conical with fairly short hair. The curling brushes which have a curved shape .

And plastic brushes ? The plastic spikes are a fad than a revolution . They do not change much with a brush. The same goes for mascara soft head. Better to rely on a traditional bristle brush .

The material of mascara ? Effective paste is a thick paste. Before mascaras were made with so long to dry very liquid, which stuck together lashes . A thick paste , which makes no package provides instant results . A good dough is homogeneous and smooth shiny paste.