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Cancers Given By Smoking Habit!

Smoking causes cancer! This is known to all and still some of us are addicted to these cancer causing sticks. Smoking is known to trigger the malignancy in healthy functional cells and thus initiates the cancer disease. No matter how cool it seems to smoke, it has been connected with several health issues along with fatal condition such as cancer. Thus it is better to give up on the habit at the earliest. Though it is not easy to quit smoking, but you can surely try and one day you will succeed for sure. In this write up you will get to know about various cancer caused by smoking.

The smoke inhaled make us suffer from various health ailments. Our body gets exposed to several carcinogenic substances through the tobacco smoke. Carcinogenic substances are those who are responsible for cancer development. The types of cancers are explained below which are caused by cancer.

  • Lung cancer – It is quite obvious that smoking is related with lung cancer. These two are closely related. When a person tends to smoke in the long run, his/her lungs exposed to the smoke and the effect is altered breathing process. Studies have shown the prolonged smoking is connected with lung cancer development and it is the primary factor.
  • Colon cancer – Though it looks like there won’t be any connection between these two but studies have shown that colon cancer risk is at peak in smokers. When you smoke, the smoke particles get dispersed in the various body parts including colon. As the smoke particles are carcinogenic, the colon becomes victim of cancer in the due course of time.
  • Oral cavity cancer – Regular smoking takes its toll on the oral health too. People who smoke daily are at the highest risk of developing oral cavity cancer.
  • Kidney and urinary bladder cancer – It also happens due to the constant exposure to the carcinogenic substances in the smoke.
  • Esophagus or food pipe cancer – Again studies have proved that there is a deep connection between esophageal cancer and smoking.
  • Breast cancer – New researches and studies have established the link amid smoking and breast cancer. Women who smoked since their teen age are the high risk of developing this form of cancer.

I am sure you might have got a clear idea how destructive smoking can be. Hence try harder to give up on this habit and stay healthy. This will keep your overall health in check and also curb your unnecessary expenses.