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Boost Your Brain Power With Healthy Foods

Healthy foods for weight loss don’t exist and neither do miracle foods for brain health. However, we’ve got five super foods that won’t only improve your brain health, but additionally enhance your brain function. Incorporate the next brain foods into your diet and enjoy a tasty increase in brain power.

Foods that boost mental ability are foods popularly known as mental ability foods. These foods have the ability to enhance the function of the brain in terms of alertness, concentration, memory, problem-solving, and creative thinking too.


Let’s move on with the basics. We all stay hydrated everyday, but we don’t realize just how much. Drinking about 8-10 glasses of water each day is important to keep the brain working well. For anyone who are unaware, about three-quarters from the human brain is composed of water. Research has proven that those who drink enough water each day have better brain function compared to those who don’t.


Berries for example blueberries, raspberries, blackcurrant, etc., are known to improve memory and mental ability. Add these to your cereal or enjoy all of them with a bowl of yogurt. These may be had daily, as well as their antioxidant properties will provide several other advantages to the body.

Whole Grains

Being the third largest organ within your body, the brain requires a great deal of energy. To provide it with the energy it takes, we should be adding whole grains to the meals. Whole grains provide a regular flow of glucose which feed the mind long after you’ve taken your last bite. Healthy nutritious Foods for example quinoa, brown rice, and millet are thought whole grains and are excellent at improving concentration and concentrate.


Broccoli is high in lignans, a phytoestrogen compound that’s been shown to benefit cognitive skills (thinking, reasoning, remembering, imagining, and learning words. If you aren’t fond of broccoli, try other glucosinolate-rich foods for example: potatoes, oranges, apples, radishes along with other cabbage-family vegetables like Brussels sprouts.


Beets contains phenylalanine, an protein that helps relay signals in one brain cell to another. Natural nitrates in beets can increase blood circulation to the brain, thereby improving mental performance. Roasted after which drizzled with honey dressing such as this easy-to-make healthy side dish.


Caffeine is yet another substance wherein the dose helps make the poison: In excess, it can cause confusion, but in moderate amounts, caffeine can improve attention span, reaction time, along with other brain skills. Women over 65 who drank 3 or more cups of coffee a day were able to better recall words than ladies who consumed little or none. Another review demonstrated that coffee


High in folate, a b – vitamin important for memory and nerve cell health. By eating spinach regularly, chances are the antioxidants, nutrients and phytochemicals present in spinach leaves will have a positive impact on the health of your brain. Spinach support your central nervous system, memory, learning and cognition when you eat fresh spinach regularly.

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