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Best Makeup Tips For Photographs

When getting ready to go out, or if you’re getting ready for a special event like a wedding, a graduation, or just a special evening out on the town, you always want to look your best. Women spend a lot of time in front of the mirror preparing for occasions such as this and quite often, we leave the house not sure of how our makeup will look once we get to our destination. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you look your best.

First, makeup requires a cleansed and moisturized face. This should be your first step every morning. Don’t forget to use a good moisturizer with SPF protection. Next, try to apply your makeup in natural lighting, if possible, near a window. Use a mattifyer first, which creates a smooth, matte finish on your face. It also helps to take away shine, and usually should help throughout the day.

Foundation is the next step for that flawless look we all want. Choose a shade as close to your natural skin tone as possible, and don’t forget to smooth some down to your neck line just a little. Blend, blend, blend. You don’t want to see that unnatural line. For younger skin, choose a foundation light in texture, you don’t need a heavy look. For more mature skin, you will want a slightly heavier foundation and one that is buildable. Use a translucent powder over the foundation, again to keep shine away. Shine is the enemy of photography. Concentrate the powder specifically on areas that tend to get more oily.

For your eyes, even though you may like a shimmery look, in photographs, that shimmer could come out looking oily. Go for contrast, use a dark eye liner, black mascara, define the crease with a darker color, this adds definition and depth to your eyes. Be careful if using under eye concealer, you must blend it in very well, otherwise it will be very obvious in your pictures.

If you don’t wear blush on a regular basis, you must wear blush when taking professional pictures. Without it, you will come out looking very pale and sickly, even washed out. You can also apply some bronzer.

Lips should be lined first, then filled in with your lipstick. Keep your liner color and lipstick shade very close. Don’t choose a shade that’s too pale, it won’t show up in the pictures.

You should take your products with you to your event, if possible, for touch ups. At a minimum, take your powder and lipstick with you.

You should realize that makeup for professional pictures should look a little heavier than you would normally wear. You could always try out different looks before the big day, and take sample pictures with a digital camera. Play around with different looks until you find the one you can be comfortable with.

Jill Dascal