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Benefits of Herbal Soups

The Chinese have long believed that diet was vital to good health. They also believe that diet can cure disease. Only recently has modern medicine proven what they have believed all along. If a happier, healthier and very likely longer life is your goal then adjusting your diet is not only recommended but truly necessary. So try the large variety of herbal soup recipes from around the world, starting with China where ancient physicians knew what modern researchers are just now proving.

Part of an overall healthy diet in China is that nothing is eliminated, so an expansion of the palate is necessary. Sweet, sour, bitter, savory, spicy, pungent and bland are all needed for total body health so expand your horizons and stop being picky if you want to be healthy. Forget what you have learned from western diet fads eliminating food groups in an effort to lose weight or improve health. These diets force the body to shed pounds by making it operate in manners it was not designed for stressing the whole body and the mind.

Herbal soup recipes and other healing foods are dependent on embracing everything in moderation. Controlling the body’s temperature is vital when consuming herbal soups. Do you tend to feel cold or is the weather outside or where you work cold? Then try soups containing warming components. Warming herb like ginger, turmeric, chili peppers, nutmeg, cinnamon, walnuts and green onions help raise the body’s temperature and return it to balance. If you typically feel hot, live or work in a hot environment, herbal soup recipes provide the solutions for you. Components of a cooling soup tend to be ingredients such as mint, tofu, citrus, tomato, celery, lettuce and cucumber.

With the body’s temperature in balance, the mind and body are free to heal themselves. Chinese herbal soup recipes include a lot of colors. Not those found in the prepackaged chemically laden aisles of the grocery store, but the colors found in nature. Spread your vegetables across the color spectrum to ensure total body maintenance and healing. White vegetables such as garlic and onions contain sulfides which are antibacterial, combat cancer and improve the immune system. Red fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers and watermelon contain lycopene which is linked to preventing cancer. Orange and yellow fruits and vegetables such as carrots squash and apricots contain beta carotene which may not only reduce the likelihood of cancer but also minimize heart disease.

Finally, if you want the full benefits of modifying your diet and adding a massive variety of herbal soup recipes to your diet you must learn moderation. Western societies are accustomed to eating to their full or worst, flat-out stuffed, this is considered excessively stressful on the whole body but specifically the digestive organs. Eating until your only 70 or 80 percent full minimizes stress on the digestive system and helps with portion control, which will help achieve and maintain a happy and healthy body weight in a natural and healthy way.

Kelvin Ryan