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Beautiful Eyes Rely on Fabulous Lashes

If you’re like most women, the most important step of your beauty regimen when you’re getting ready to go out is putting on your makeup, and the majority of that time is dedicated to making your lashes longer, darker, and fuller. Eyelashes are the perfect accessory that enhance and accentuate your eyes, and combined are the essential features of the feminine face. That’s why even cartoons depict female characters with prominent eyes fringed with longer lashes, especially when they want to make them look more attractive (think Betty Boop, Jessica Rabbit and even Smurfette!). Eyelashes are but an accessory to your eyes, serving as the perfect frame for the window to your soul.

Fabulous lashes showcase the eyes, whether you’re a man or woman. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with lush lashes. If you’ve got short, stubby, and sparse lashes, you’re probably hard pressed for solutions to a sexier fringe. Here are some that you may want to consider:

1. Make curling your lashes before you apply mascara a necessary prepping step, and use a curler that’s been gently warmed by a hairdryer first. This will help your lashes keep their shape longer.

 2. Apply a mascara that is voluminizing and preferably waterproof, simply because these tend to hold that lash-boosting curl better (mainly because of the wax). You can use a primer, which can help a lot. There are also other types of mascara that act like false eyelashes. You apply it just like you would mascara, but they are formulated with natural fibres that add to the bulk of your eye fringe. This pumps up your lashes exponentially. It’s kind of like brush-on false eyelashes, which is far easier to deal with than glue and falsies, don’t you think?

Tip: When you take off your eye makeup, make sure not to pull or tug on your lashes in any way. Your lashes can easily fall out, making them sparser.

3. If makeup just doesn’t work for you, then you should consider going for something more effective at actually helping your own lashes multiply and grow. Consider lash growth products. These help to actually prolong the growing phase of your lashes with medical ingredients. Over about a month, your lashes will start growing longer, lusher and darker. It’s only available by prescription from your medical doctor, though, because they aren’t suitable for everyone. You’ll need a medical assessment before getting the prescription.

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