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Attractive Earrings

Today’s generation we can’t deny that we cannot go to a party without an earrings or whatever event is we cannot forget to it, it is because earrings is a part of women fashion simple party or not . It has difference style that suits every event that we will attend. It also can give a woman an exceptional look .Earrings is the most important jewelry. Because is lighten your appearance and it will make also glow your face with the two little spot. We wear earrings simply because we want to be attractive, fabulous as what woman wants. People actually see you with your look secondly they will see your fabulous jewelry and that is your earrings. Also in wearing it wills depends on your face shape because if you will wear a big one, does not suit to your face you will become ugly, so the style of that you should wear is the type of your face shape. There are 6 type of face shape the heart shape face, round face, oval face, diamond face, oblong face, square face. Heart shape tries to use pyramid style earrings and avoid using earrings that has a heart shape. With the round face wear dangle earrings and avoid wearing hoop earrings. In oval face best to wear is pearl earrings because it will make your beauty stand out. Diamond face wears earrings that is less length but more width use small drops or little earrings. With the oblong face choose hoop earrings that will add width to your face avoid large earrings and with the square face wear rounded earrings and hoop style but avoid earrings that would exaggerate the squareness of your face.

Back to earliest time in Cyprus from the middle of the 2nd Millennium BC where the most popular earrings is painted terracotta in the form stylized nude females. During with ancient Egypt earrings are very important because of their costume. They also use it for adorn statues. In late 4th century earrings is more elaborate design. They are using it for decorating their boat. With the Middle Ages and Renaissance because of the fashion of high collars and headdress it took centuries to merge it with the earrings at it will become in a form of plain gold hoops with a pearl drop .In the 17th century earrings become more complex and interesting .They used different stone like emerald, ruby and pearls. With 18th and 19th it becomes more beautiful and it started to use semi-precious stone. In 20th century it becomes more popular. In a year of 1947 they make earrings more creative, with the 1970’s it becomes larger and more varied and more popular and until today almost all women wear it. With today’s earrings there is lots of style and it is your choice to wear the best earrings for you.
Earrings are like decoration it makes us alive colorful as well as attractive. Be beautiful, attractive and enjoy your fabulous earrings.

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