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Arrange Your Adventure Travel: 7 Easy Steps

Planning to go on an adventure of a lifetime? Don’t mistake adventure travel for a trek which requires no arrangements at all. On the contrary, adventure travel requires a lot of preparation and planning especially if you are going to a foreign country. Booking flights, choosing accommodations, buying travel insurance and arranging activities are just some of the things you need to accomplish before going on this type of holiday.

Research your destination

Are you heading to Asia for the first time? Or do you prefer a place closer like Eastern Europe? Wherever you are headed, make sure you have researched your destination first. By doing so, you will be guided in planning your itinerary. You’ll be able to budget your money and learn what you need to bring, aside from giving you an idea of the cultural issues you need to be aware of.

Know when to go to a destination

Climate trends are vital in planning an adventure travel. Can you imagine how dangerous it would be if you go on a white water rafting adventure during the rainy months? You could end up in the hospital and incur out-of-pocket medical expenses especially if you didn’t purchase travel insurance.

Determine the best time to book a flight

Researching your destination also gives you a clearer idea on the best time to book flights. There are certain times of the week when flights are cheaper, like during the midweek (Wednesday and Thursday).

Choose the right outfit

Your outfit is important when you go on an adventure travel. Bringing the right clothes can protect you against extreme weather, be it in a cold climate or a tropical country. When buying travel outfit, don’t just go for those made by popular brands. You can look at the websites of industry organisations that list down outfitters by region or activity. From there, you can select a reputable manufacturer of outdoor clothing gear such as jackets, bags, helmets, footwear and the like.

Pack light

You’ve heard this before but may have turned a deaf ear to it. In an adventure holiday, the weight of the bag behind your back is as important as say, the money in your wallet. Fewer items packed means a more lightweight you, giving you enough energy to last through a tiring day of walking and climbing. Don’t forget to bring essentials like t-shirts, walking boots, wash kit, first-aid kit and plastic cutlery.

Choose a trip that gives you value for money

Adventure trips are supposed to be cheaper than going on cruises because of the cheaper costs of accommodation and activities. However, most first-time adventure travellers find themselves in huge debt after their holiday because of failing to choose packages that give value for their money. When booking an adventure travel package, be cautious of extra or hidden costs like taxes, local guide fees and gratuities which can all boost your travel expenses.

Buy adventure travel insurance

Getting adventure activities travel insurance ensures you won’t have to worry about out-of-pocket expenses like hospitalisation costs in the event you get sick while travelling; and get compensated in case your trip doesn’t push through.

Neil Clymer