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Applying Makeup – Less Is More

Makeup can be a miracle worker that lets you look well rested when you are not, enhances your features and assists in hiding those little flaws. As helpful as makeup can be, it is a true example of how just a little of something good can go a long way. It is often true that the more makeup you apply, the more obvious what you are trying to hide becomes. You actually start to look less pretty and enhanced with heavier make up, and the make up itself becomes the center of attention. If you can learn a few tips to apply makeup lightly, you will receive maximum benefit with minimum effort.

Healthy Skin Means Less Makeup

The shift to wearing less makeup starts with taking good care of your skin. If your skin is clean and healthy, you will have an easier time wearing less concealer. Put yourself on a strict routine that includes cleansing your skin without drying it out. See a doctor if you have persistent blemishes or other skin conditions that prevent you from having clear skin. Do not neglect your lips. Exfoliate and moisturize your lips to keep them looking healthy.

Understand Your Color Palette

The key to applying makeup lightly is making a conscious decision to enhance features instead of masking them. Start with the basics, and determine your true skin tone. There are four major color palettes that most women’s skin can be categorized into: pink for skin that burns easily and is very fair, yellow for Caucasian and Asian women who have beige or yellow undertones to their skin, brown for those with dark complexions, and olive for skin that is more fair than brown yet darker than the other options.

Once you understand your skin tone, you will be able to choose the color palette that works seamlessly with your skin for a more beautiful and natural look. Since the colors will be matched to your skin tone, you will need to use less makeup to achieve the same results. A lightweight tinted moisturizer should be applied to give your skin a glow. Within your color pallet, choose a natural and sheer concealer that will let your skin shine through while it hides your imperfections. Keep in mind that the more mature your skin is, the less filler you need in your concealer. More filler on mature skin winds up looking unnatural and should be avoided.

If you stay within your color palette and use natural products, you will appreciate your new natural look.
Cookie Maxwell