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All about Bridal Makeup

You may think that you know about the ins and outs makeup and the latest fashion trends, but when it comes to bridal makeup and accessories even the brides-to-be are clueless at times. Deciding your hairstyle, your makeup and even the dress requires a lot of insight and suggestions.

With the recent growing trend of bridal consultation in Britain, wedding makeup artists in London are now focusing on pre-wedding sessions with the brides-to-be. It takes a lot of input from the stylist as well as from the bride’s end to finalize the final look.

Trends of Bridal Makeup

Here are a few tips that are the personal favourites of the wedding make up artist london, elaborating all the trends and classics of bridal makeup in London.

· Do Not Cake-up

The wedding makeup artists suggest that the brides should not wear too much makeup. Wear light foundation and let your skin breath.

· Wear Your Natural Look

Being the bride is not synonymous with being fake to look picture perfect. You don’t have to wear the fake eyelashes or use layers and layers of makeup to hide the little flaws. Be yourself and use makeup to only enhance your natural beauty.

· Let the Dress Speak for Itself

 Again, do not forget that your dress should draw more attention than your makeup. Wear only the amount needed to make you look fresh and vibrant.

· Ease-up On the Blush

Some women have prominent cheekbones and blushers are for them but make sure you only add the hint of the colour to your cheeks.

· Moisturize

Always remember that makeup will not look good if your skin is not perfectly moisturized. The secret to radiant and glowing skin on your wedding day is to moisturize your skin before makeup.

· A Dash of Concealer!

Even though a good foundation should be more than enough to cover up the little imperfections, a little help from the good old concealers can be taken. They are of great help to give the stunning bride the final touch of perfection.

· Eye-shadows

Eye-shadows don’t have to be the star of the show. Just make sure that they are there to enhance the shape and colour of your eyes.

More Drama with Less

If you have a ravishing eye-colour, you should definitely go with dark smoky eye-makeup. This will add dramatic effect to your look. However, then keep your lip-colour in the shades of nude.

Ricky Adam