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Add To Your Sensuality With Lip Care Products

Now that the spring is in full swing, days are getting sunnier, which of course may be a good thing  for our closets ( time to wear flirty floral)but not necessarily a great news for our delicate lips. After all, too much exposure of sun can dry out lips and give them a dull, cracked experience instead of  kissable look that everyone tries to achieve. This is the time when you can definitely play up with your lips is to swipe on some sheer lip balm and you’ll instantly feel more refreshed. And now days, so many balms are tinted your lips will get a prettier wash of colors without heaviness of lipstick. Most of the people love lip balm because they are so easy to swipe on and go!

Another thing there are plenty of lip balms available in the market all promising to hydrate, moisturize,  smoother, tint and even plump. On the other side, not all of them actually do what they promise. When  it comes to purchasing lip balms, there are certain things that you must consider before purchasing . There are few things that you must avoid  while your purchase-

Menthol, Camphor and phenol –  These are three ingredients that are present in lip balm and should be avoided a they  offer cooling sensation to your lips but be warned, as that at the end it will certainly dry them out.

Fragrance –  We all want our lips to look attractive and sensuous, but a lot of artificial color and fragrance in lipstick can remove the moisture out of your lips. It is therefore recommended to try a lip balm or other lip care products that contain essential oils and natural ingredients.

 Salicylic Acid – This is the most important ingredient to look for when treating an acne prone skin.  But when you apply products containing this ingredient , it will dry them and make them peel.

However, there are few ingredients that you must always look for when purchasing lip products .
These ingredients include beewax, cocoa butter and lanolin. All of these ingredients will hydrate and  moisturize your lips without any drying after effects. Another thing, the product should consist of  sunscreen that helps in protecting the skin from sun’s drying rays. The other useful  natural ingredients like coconut oil, jojoba oil  and hemp oil treat your lips by allowing it to absorb moisture and treating dryness effectively underneath the skin.

Know that your lips care the most attractive features of your face right after your eyes. It draws a great attention to someone who is looking at your face, so take a good care of your lips so that it can enhance overall look of your face. Dry and chappy lips makes you overall face looks dull and unattractive. Therefore, taking proper care of your lips  is very important. A healthy and youthful looking lips will not only improve your overall look, but also creates a beautiful smile