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Accessories to wear with leather pants and trousers/skirt

So you like to wear leather apparel? Hope you are matching them with the right accessories. It is extremely important to sport the right accessories so you can look your best and get the best effect of the outfit.

Accessories to go with leather pants and trousers/skirt


This accessory tops the list when it comes to picking items to match with leather jackets and trousers, especially when it comes to women. Most people get perplexed in choosing totes because the accessory is available in so many types. Though it not recommended to pair canvas totes with a shiny hide dress, some exquisite designs may make for a great accessorys. The classic cut with handles and with no other features goes well with most leather dresses. Choose a colour and pattern that suit your style, and offcourse the clothes you are wearing. Imagine how gorgeous you’ll look with a pair of leather shorts, spaghetti top, ankle boots and a fancy tote!


If you’re off to a party, add a cute clutch to your attire. Besides the common bar clutch, you can also opt for other types- leather and non leather stuff. Choose a pattern that complements texture of your top and pants. Jewelled, shell, beaded, Bo bag, pleated Bo, zippered are some of the types that are quite commonly seen carried by celebrities these days. For a hippy effect, clutch with spikes can be a good pick.


If you are wearing a deep or wide neck leather top  a beautiful necklace deserves to find a place on your neck. Excuse me, if I am getting romantic. It is full of feminine charm and can make anyone to fall in love of the wearer. Necklaces come in myriad designs. If less open space is available around the neck, collar and chocker types may be ideal for you. Princess and matinee also matches with the dress. Go for opera (the long type) only if you are sure about it. As for the chain design, sterling and box chains are more popular presently. Exercise your preference in choosing design.


If you are fond of earrings, do not overlook to wear them even if you are wearing leather pants with the latest and most modern designs. They go well with almost all kinds of wears. Teardrops, dangles, chandeliers, hoops, studs, cluster are some of the designs that are in vogue these days. Choose a type that goes well with the shape of your face.

Hat and Cap

Hat and cap make for perfect companion of leather shorts and pants. For a sporty look baseball cap is a great option. Panama, cowboy, trilby and bowler are some types that you can wear on casual occasions. They will prevent you from strong sunlight along with adding to your glamour quotient.


How can you leave out sunglasses when you are wearing leather trousers and jackets? They make for a great combination. Make sure the colour of glass goes well with the overall attire.


Pumps matches well with leather pants and shorts. Peep toe and pointed toe with t-strap are most commonly worn with the apparel. They come in wide range of collection. Make sure you choose the colour well.

Choose the right accessories and get a killer look.

Mitchell Samuel