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A quick overview of Keratin Treatment

Hair straightening treatment is one of the most in demand hair styling processes however it is mostly done in professional salons with keratin based hair treatment method. This is an ultra-cool process for managing dull look and frizziness of hair and surprisingly it has no harmful effect on hair texture which generally refrain quality conscious style freaks for styling their hair by chemical treatments. Unlike some other styling methods, keratin and its use on hair care is an authentic way for managing natural glow and smoothness of hair as it is a safe method.

Rather than straightening, keratin based hair treatment is done for bringing a smooth effect on hair. It is not meant for external look only; the process brings natural sheen and shine on hair strands and makes hair strands naturally beautiful. The effect is not permanent but it lasts for at least 3-4 months at a stretch.

How keratin treatment works for hair care

Keratin treatment is done by application of certain products on hair strands. The hair stylist applies a hair serum on hair and seals the product on the hair by a heated flat iron over it. The cream gets melted in nanomolecules and keratin in the crème with reaction with mild formaldehyde sets a smooth, silky and straightening effect onto the hair. After the whole process is done, a keratin based neutralizer is applied on hair and hair looks straight and shiny. However, the user is requested not to wash head for next 72 hours after the treatment is done.

 Who should try for the keratin hair treatment?

This hair smoothing treatment is recommended for all including People who spend a ton of time blow drying and straightening ones hair

  • Style freaks who want to undo their curls or wavy hair
  • People who want to manage/control frizzy hair without any chemical treatment
  • People fascinated to smooth, silky, and shiny hair,
  • The people who have damaged hair due to dryness
  • Colored treated hair will be befitted with this keratin treatment process,

Advantage of Keratin Hair care

Keratin care offers multiple benefits for its users. These are

  • With this treatment process hair care becomes easy and simple to manage,
  • Also known blowout job and Brazilian treatmentthis hair care method keeps hair naturally glowing, and frizz-free.
  • Keratin products are made with best quality hair conditioners that keep hair strands lively, add volume, and maintain excellent bouncy and shiny.
  • Keratin treatment completely manages frizziness of hair and keeps hair soft and smooth.
  • Keratin care protects hair from external damages and prevents split ends etc. It is a perfect nourishing pack for dull and damaged hair, as well as color treated hair will get extra nourishment form keratin hair care products.

Keratin care products are available for personal use also, however, it is always best to avail the professional assistance of hair experts before using these special hair care products on hair. Keratin products and keratin hair care treatment has not shown any adverse effect yet.