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A holiday package to Mauritius Island is your gateway to the ‘Underwater Waterfall’!

A travel lover must never say no to tour new places, where one can come across many interesting facts about the nature. One such place in the Mauritius Island in Africa is the Underwater Waterfall that cannot be given a miss, if you are a passionate tourist!

We, as tourists might have explored the best of this world. The lush mountains, dense forests, beautiful beaches and lakes, historic forts, as well as imperial palaces have been a part of our holiday packages. However, there are certain bizarre destinations in the world, which barely a few might have personally experienced. Why not stop wondering about the existence of one such unusual natural phenomena looking at its pictures, and visit the place in person to check it ourselves? Almost everyone, who loves to travel and holiday, must have come across a few of the mesmerizing waterfalls on earth. These vast water bodies falling from a height between two mountains provide us with the most fascinating view.

Have you ever heard of a place, where the waterfall gushes down underwater, rather than falling from a hilltop? Well, only the thought of it must be so weird. How can a waterfall flow underwater? One might not believe, if such a thing exists. However, if you are not going to get a peaceful sleep till the time you do not find out, whether it is true, then pack your bags and head to Africa. Approximately 1,200 miles away from the southeast coast of Africa lies the Mauritius Island. A holiday package to this Mauritius Island can be your gateway to the Underwater Waterfall. This place offers you an illusion of an underwater waterfall at the southwestern tip of the island, when witnessed from the top. An aerial view of this particular spot gives you an impression of the falling water under the water body. It is only a visually illusory impression, created in the water because of the excess of sand and silt deposits. It is extremely prominent, when observed from above. You do not believe it? Go see it for yourself.

In fact, the delusion can even be seen on Google Maps. But, I am sure that it must be more appealing, when you encounter it personally. You can also hire a helicopter in Mauritius, in which you and your family or friends, whoever is accompanying you can fly over the island to watch the underwater waterfall. If, you have a professional camera, then it is even better, because you can get back home pictures of the lovely illusion and share them with others. Your relatives and friends might praise you for inspiring them to visit the place as well. Searching for a chopper service can be easier, if you get help from the staff at the international vacation resort or hotel that you are staying at during your trip.

Overall, it is going to be worth everything, your money as well as time. Discovering something new, and as breathtaking as this magnificent view, might make this holiday trip become a wonderful memory that stays with you forever. Other than the underwater waterfall, Africa is known for many other amazing holiday destinations, which you can explore during your trip to this continent!