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A Brief Note on Right Pair of Sandals

When we think of fashion, our thoughts often go to stylish and slender models walking down the ramp and of flashing camera lights. What we see on fashion channels and magazines, is what we often dream to own. But, with no offense to anyone, even the fashion designers and models exhibiting there designs, would not have used these designer wear so often in their personal daily life.

Comfort matter in whatever we wear. If comfort hadn’t been that important, we would still be using big stones to sit instead of cushioned chairs. When we look for comfort for our feet, we go for flats. These can be worn a laid back and casual day and also on formal events and occasions. Flats like foxy new rock provide a more formal and polished look and are ideal for social parties and weddings.

They make a woman look more confident and smarter with that extra height. However, when you wear high heels for long period you need to put on pantyhose to support your feet and legs. For a more neutral and natural look you should pick pantyhose that resemble your skin colour. Open ended and strappy heeled sandals like foxy new rock look good with pantyhose that are toe-less.

Thong Sandals

They can either be flat or heeled. They look very casual yet stylish. They provide a great option for women who want to relax their muscles and are searching for a good alternative. Thong sandals are made of cloth material, rubber, faux leather and leather. To create a more feminine look they have rhinestone or embellishments. They look good with almost every outfit you wear. They match nicely when worn with pants, summer dresses, miniskirts and shorts.

 Strappy Sandals

Flat sandals with different types of coloured straps give a relaxed, playful and casual look. They make for a good option when you have to go for outings or beach vacation. They make a perfect combination with miniskirts, shorts and summer dresses. Women who have slim feet can also wear heeled, strappy sandals like foxy new rock.

On the other hand, women who have wide and large feet will feel uncomfortable in them. These sandals improve a woman’s silhouette and stature and boost confidence in them. They give an extra height and emphasize the length of your legs. They look fabulous with formal party dresses and long gowns. They make great combination with when paired with slacks that are below the ankles around an inch.

Wedge Sandals

Wedges sandals are considered to be more comfortable than the heeled option. It is good for women who have heavy and muscular legs. These sandals give an illusion that you have longer and slimmer legs. They are versatile and can be worn with miniskirts, short pants and short dresses.

For casual and cocktail long dresses you should go for bejewelled and polished wedge sandals. On the other hand, it does not make sense to wear these types of sandals for any formal occasion.

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