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7 Reasons Why Eyebrows Are an Important Part of Any Beauty Routine

Sure, we all stray here and there, letting eyebrows pop up where they shouldn’t. As we get older, it tends to happen more often since hair starts growing everywhere it’s not wanted. Of course, everyone gets tired of waxing and plucking, and there’s always that temptation to just let your eyebrows go natural, but you shouldn’t. However much work it is, it’s vital to keep eyebrows shaped and groomed. Following are seven reasons to keep plucking away:

1.Eyebrows play a huge role in your overall look. In fact, the shape, color and thickness of your brows can change the way your face looks. Too-thick eyebrows can make your eyes look small, scrunched. Too-thin eyebrows can lend your face a forever surprised expression. No amount of skincare, makeup or wardrobe changes can change your look as much as your eyebrows, making them a basic essential for any beauty routine.

2.Brows frame your eyes, making them pop or making them fade into the background. The shape and thickness of your bows play a huge role in how noticeable your eyes are. You could have beautiful eyes, but no one’s going to see them if they’re too busy looking at your bushy brows.

3.Properly shaped eyebrows make it look like you’ve put your face on even if you haven’t. If you maintain your brows, plucking stray hairs as they come in, you will always put your best face forward regardless of whether or not you wear makeup. Good skin, shaped brows and a little lip gloss is all it takes to look sensational.

4.Improperly plucked brows can also detract from your beauty. Sparse, misshapen or too-short brows can make a super model look bad. If you think it doesn’t matter how you shape, trim or groom, you’re mistaken. If you can’t do it properly at home, leave your brows to the pros.

5.Einstein got by with his hair sticking out everywhere, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good look for your brows. Spiky brows will not make you look smarter. By simply brushing your eyebrows and applying a brow-grooming product, you can change your look from frazzled to dazzling.

6.Eyes are the gateway to the soul, and they are also the first thing people notice about you. With all that gazing and attention pointed straight at your eyes and brows, who wouldn’t want to make them look their best?

7.If you incorporate eyebrow maintenance into your everyday beauty routine, it will only take a couple of minutes each day to make your brows beautiful. There’s good news too. The more you pluck, the less likely hair will grow back, which means that you’re making future eyebrow maintenance easier with each pluck.

Eleanor J Wilson