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5 Tips to Consider in Choosing Maternity Dresses

Pregnancy is the phase in your life where you will give up fretting about your figure, the time where you will be uncertain how much weight will be added on your body, or how you will carry your baby bump. But you do know one thing – your current clothes will not last you that long. So you want to buy new maternity dresses, but are a bit confused. Let us see how you can have a practical wardrobe makeover:

Choose as per need: Do not buy all maternity clothes at one shot no matter how lucrative they look on the racks. Buy a few pieces at a time and pay special attention to the fit and comfort. Try them on and ensure that they have room to grow so that you may continue to use them for a few months.

Buy sensibly: Choose soft fabrics that will be nice and comfortable to wear. Stretch fabrics are good as they can take the fluctuations in your shape. Ruches, tie-backs and gathers work really well on tops and tunics. Fitted at the bust and with gathers just below, these tops can accommodate small to larger sizes without looking bulky. Team them with a nice pair of pants, leggings or jeans, and you will look stylish and confident. All maternity bottoms come with elastic on the sides, stretch materials, panels on the abdomen often of cloth and stretch material to accommodate the increase in size. The visible part of the garments look very much like your normal stylish apparels.

Dresses: Skirts and dresses are so feminine, and there is no reason for you to forsake them. Empire line or A-line dresses work well. Don’t buy them too short or you may risk looking bulky. Light, summery fabrics that drape easily are better than heavy fabrics. Again, emphasize your bust, neck and shoulders and keep the rest of them flowing. Cowl-neck dresses, wrap dresses, and ruffle-front dresses look super classy and fit really well. Go for some color; it gives an instant life to your look and makes you feel cheerful too. A single nice dress can brighten your wardrobe for those days when you are in the mood to have some fun.

Innerwear: This is a very important part of maternity wear. You will need to buy larger bras and panties. Do buy larger sizes as and when required.

Budget: It is very important to keep your budget in sight. Maternity clothes will only be worn for a few months so it makes no sense to buy extremely expensive clothes. Choose the most important pieces first that you will need on a daily basis like innerwear, bottomwear and tops. Then, if you have more money, you can indulge in some signature pieces.

After all, pregnancy is a time when you break the shackles of conventional dressing. Let your imagination fly. And enjoy this important period of your life with your glamorous foot forward.

Franzine Blunt Filnia