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5 Things You Maybe Shouldn’t Tell Your Hairdresser

1. “I want a change but don’t want to lose too much length, or change the colour”

I have been told this exact sentence too many times to count, and I forgive those of you that have said those words to me. Why you shouldn’t say it: This is essentially like telling your hairdresser that they have to cut and style your hair blindfolded, with one arm tied behind their back. Compromise is needed, and if you are really looking for a change, then learn to let go of at least one of those criteria.

2. “I have very fine hair but I want ton’s of volume”

This is another one of those sayings that makes a stylist feel like they have had a Rubik’s Cube tossed in their lap with only 30 seconds to solve the puzzle. Why you shouldn’t say it: This is an oxymoron with no easy solution. We strive to give our client’s what they want, but being reasonable doesn’t just make our lives easier, it makes yours easier as well. If you have fine hair, try sticking to styles that augment your best features and co-operate with your particular texture. Trying to get your hair to do something that it really doesn’t want to do is a losing battle. Instead, go for a style that is either shorter to help alleviate weight and help give natural volume, or sleeker with either a fringe or some intelligently placed layers to work with what you got.

3. “If I have to colour my hair at home, which colour should I use”

This question isn’t asked as often as the others but I have included it because it is important for clients to understand that the majority of us are not witholding valuable information. Why you shouldn’t say it: In 17 years of doing hair and practising it at the highest standard, I have yet to use a box of colour from the local drug store, or in fact even pick one up to look at it. I would be the last person on earth to be able to give you meaningful information on which store bought colour you should use. In the salon all colours are mixed for each client individually, which is why salon colour generally looks better then box colour. It is this ability to mix countless shades together which gives us ultimate control over the finished product. I would be guessing if I told you what to use out of the box!

4. “Do whatever you want, I trust you”

Okay, so this might be music to a hairdresser’s ears, but lets think about this logically for one moment. Most of you trust your hairdresser, in some cases such as my own, there are bonds which are established over years that foster trust and honesty. Why you shouldn’t say it: As good as your hairdresser is at reading between the lines and knowing the difference between what you say and what you mean, we enjoy the exchange of ideas that takes place in a consultation. Whatever I “want” can mean lots of things, like making you blonde, in which case you have to come in and have your hair retouched every 5-8 weeks which is time consuming and a small financial commitment. Give some parameters and thoughts on what you mean so you don’t end up with a cut or colour which you may regret in the not so distant future.

5. “I want a perm”

A rarity, but still. Why you shouldn’t say it: Perms will not make your life easier! I have only seen perms which have made people miserable, have destroyed hair, and are usually next to impossible to repair, or style in any way that resembles a modern hair style. Embrace your texture, and once again get a cut and style that suits your particular type of hair. To understand how damaging perms can be one must understand that they are reforming your hair bonds on the molecular level and no amount of products will help restore your hair’s elasticity.

Guido Di Salle