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What a handbag says about a woman

According to Kathy Eisman in her book ‘How to Tell a Woman by Her Handbag’ she stated that “It’s clear our handbags and their contents say much more about our personality than we might think…” She further explained how men in women in different cities carry different bag sizes and styles. Why men usually do not go for pinks and whites and those kiddo floral prints where, on the other hand, women call them trendy and feminine. Similarly, men go for military cuts, more blues and blacks, and preferably bags with no prints and simple or plain designs.

From party clutches to casual totes and messenger bags to backpacks – put some extra consideration to what you carry by finding what style says what about your character and personality.

The Shoulder Bag- Convenient and practical

Women who prefer carrying a shoulder bag are much more practical and not agree on becoming a part of fashion world. Though they also want to look good but not on the cost of compromising their convenience. As stated in Stephanie Pedersen’s book ‘Handbags – What Every Woman should know’- “women who prefer shoulder bags refuse to be a fashion victim.”

Under-the shoulder bags

These bags are small bags tucked under your arm implies class and superiority. According to Feldman, “women of high stature or who work in upscale offices would choose this style of bag.” The women with this handbag styles prefer to look elide and choose to be simple and sophisticated at the same time.

The totes

Totes are the favourites of those who are fun loving and highly sociable as Pedersen says “the wearer is youthful in outlook.” She is definitely a busy woman but she loves to gel and meeting different kind of people. Women with this style are attention grabbers with an informal speaking style.

 The clutch

Clutches are friends of those who carry their whole world in a tiny thing. They are confident enough to not worry enough about leaving things to others which do not stuff in their little bag. Says Pedersen, they are not afraid to let a man carry their keys or lighter or whatever else won’t fit in their bag. They are quite a style conscious ladies and matching the exact colors is their key.

The backpack

Away from runway fashions but young at heart, the women falls in this section live their life to the fullest. Casual yet practical, these bag are worn by ladies who do not like to leave the things behind on the name of fashion, they are more concern on fun and adventure which cannot be missed out.

The designer bags

A Woman buying the designer collection shows the taste of expensive lifestyle. This brand conscious section likes to flaunt and get noticed for any reason. This kind of woman carries never bargains and appreciates the costly and fine things. Feldman warns “guys – watch out for these girls, they tend to be a handful.”

Women’s handbags are the mirror of their lives and personalities, only if you care enough. So guys to know more, stop gazing into their eyes and dresses, look into their bags instead!

Rahul Dev