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How to Dress Fashionably With Maternity Clothes

Who says that you have to wear bulky dresses and loose sweaters and shirts during pregnancy? The modern maternity clothes are super sleek as well as comfortable. You simply need to have an idea about the latest fashion trends and to know how to make them work in your favour. Here are some tips to help you with this.

Avoid going to length extremes.

The dresses and skirts with mid length are among the most elegant maternity clothes. You can go for length just above the knee if you want to show your gorgeous legs. The length just below the knee is ideal for the office and for more formal events. The casual skirts and dresses with mid-calf length are among the trendiest at present. At the same time, the very short items do not look great on pregnant women especially during the second and third trimesters. The very long models can make you look bigger unless they are formfitting.

Draw the focus to the top part of your body.

This is a highly effective yet very simple trick for looking more elegant with a growing tummy. The best thing is that all designers of maternity clothes now put emphasis on the top. The halter and cowl necklines always look fabulous. They are great for the office. The sweetheart neckline and the v-neckline are also great especially for more formal dresses and tops. You can experiment with different types of sleeves as well. The pointy and butterfly sleeves are particularly trendy. The ribbon under the bust is an all time favourite trick which still works today.

Don’t be afraid of formfitting items.

The skinny jeans, pencil skirts, formfitting tops and sweaters and sheath dresses are among the trendiest maternity clothes at present. They are designed especially to accommodate your baby bump while letting you show off with your long legs and beautiful curves. You will find them comfortable and practical as well as super hip.

Embrace patterns, colours and decorative details.

The horizontal stripes are among the biggest trends in maternity wear. The large stylised monochrome patterns are also a huge hit. Colour blocking is another major trend at present. It is all about using two blocks of colours one at the top and the other at the bottom. Combinations like white and black and blue and yellow are totally gorgeous. You can readily experiment with any two colours, however. The decorative motifs with lace are also super stylish.

Do not hesitate to follow your personal sense of style when selecting trendy maternity clothes for your wardrobe during pregnancy.

Celine Potrov