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Duffel Versus Envelope Bags

A good buyer knows the pros and cons of each kind of bag before jumping in to buy one. For a woman, deciding on the right type of designer handbag can be a challenge. After all, if the woman wants more fashion and style (choose the clutch bag). She may have to compromise on space. To make things simpler, here is a comparison between envelope bags and duffel bags that will tell you all you need to know about them.

Look and structure

An envelope is comparatively smaller. It resembles an envelope. The opening flap of an envelope bag is shaped like the opening of an envelope, hence the name. It is quite flat, and cannot store bulky objects. A duffel bag has a drawstring closing mechanism on top. Zipper closing mechanism can also be found these days. A duffel bag is cylindrical in shape.


The size of an envelope varies, but it is not very big. You can generally store a mobile phone, keys, and a few make-up items in it. Due to the shape of the bag, anything too wide or bulky cannot be stored in it. The duffel is large. Almost anything can be fitted inside it.


Envelope bags can be used both as a party accessory and for formal reasons. It is the one kind of bag that can look as glamorous in a party as it can look classy in a job interview. It goes well with formal dresses and skirts. The duffel is used generally for travelling. However it is a multi-purpose bag, it is also used as for the gym, work, hiking or to carry sports equipment.


An envelope needs maintenance, however it is not as high-maintenance as a clutch. It can be cleaned with a damp cloth. For specific cleaning procedure, it depends on what kind of material is used for the envelope bag. Often envelope bags are made of leather. In this case, you can use the damp cloth method. If there is a spill, immediately use wet wipes to safeguard against permanent stains. If a problem like stains does arise, take your bag to the leather shoe shop or the seller of the bag. As for duffel bags, they are made for rough handling. But since they are used for travelling purposes, they can get dirty quite fast. They can be washed as per the washing instructions on the duffel bag.


Ordinarily, an envelope costs more than duffel. However, that doesn’t mean that duffel isn’t more useful. After all, which one is more useful depends on what you are using it for.

Jewell Eleanor