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Some of the Hottest Trends in Bridal Jewelry for 2014

If you are still trying to decide on what kind of bridal jewelry to wear on your wedding day, rest assured there are many different styles from which to choose. If you are one of the unlucky brides who does not have any estate jewelry handed down by a dowager aunt but still wish to have something that looks “old” you might want to consider a choker or some sort of bib necklace. These kinds of bridal jewelry work extremely well if your dress is more on the simple side but will not work with a dress with a high neckline. Bib necklaces are a particularly stunning kind of bridal jewelry because they draw the viewer’s eye up to your face and really can make a very bold statement. There are many bib necklaces that can be incorporated into your bridal jewelry which are very reasonably priced.

No bride can go wrong with jewelry that consists of just a simple necklace. For a bride who is wearing a more sophisticated gown, a piece of bridal jewelry made from some Swarovski crystals add just the right touch especially if your gown does not have a lot of crystals or bling already on it. Bridal jewelry which uses Swarovski crystals will be slightly more expensive. If you are shopping on a budget, older looking jewelry with an estate feeling can often be found at flea markets. It will not usually be advertised as jewelry and may need a bit of attention to get it ready for the Big Day but a little bit of love can go a long way.

Another thing that can be used a bridal jewelry are some decorative crystal hair combs. If you are not planning on using a veil, using some crystal hair combs in your hair will add a lot of sparkle and really upgrade your look. Hair combs are great regardless of your hairstyle. They work equally well with hair that is elaborately styled and hair that is kept very simple and elegant.

Adding a bracelet is a nice way to accessorize your look on your wedding day. If you’re going to be wearing a simple, short-sleeved gown, then adding a slightly thicker bracelet will give you a very sophisticated look. More elaborate gowns will dictate slimmer bracelets, of course.

And what bride wouldn’t want to wear earrings on her big day? The bride who will be having a simple updo can get away with earrings that are a bit busier than brides who are keeping their hair simple and worn down. Or you may just wish to add some simple diamond studs to your look.

Regardless of what you choose the most fun about bridal jewelry is actually shopping for it. If you’ve decided on the style of gown you will wear early enough, then you will have months and months to search out the perfect bridal jewelry in which to attire yourself. You will certainly want something that will be both flattering and make your guests ooh and ahh at the same time. With a little bit of planning, it should not be hard for you to come up with the perfect style.

These are just a few examples of the fantastic clutches available to brides. From simple and stunning to elaborate and charming, clutches are the perfect way for you to carry your important items on your big day!

Christopher Choo