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Stay Classy at the Beach

Summer at the seaside is all about lazy days spent lying on the glistening sand, swimming in crystal blue water, getting a tan and going out in nightclubs. If summer had a drink it would be a delicious, refreshing fruity cocktail. And if summer had an outfit, it would be a sheer and colorful dress. But apart from dresses, what are the other things that you can wear at the beach? Every resort collection focuses on one main element: practicality. Tropical holidays are not the best occasions to wear tight clothes and high heels, so most of the clothes are quite loose-fitting, feature simple designs and generally provide comfort. Practicality is great, but if you feel that your resort clothes are a bit plain, you can always use accessories to spice up your outfits and look like a goddess without putting any effort into it.

The key to looking elegant and glamorous at the beach is to accessorize your outfits. You can wear a plain white dress, but if you mix and match some items, your outfit will immediately become memorable and, most importantly, it won’t lose its practicality. You can start with the footwear: the most common option are flip flops, but this season designers recommend replacing them with wedges. If you’re sunbathing or having short walks, these are the perfect choice, because they are really comfortable and yet their platform makes you look taller and slimmer. There are two major trends in women’s footwear for 2014: first, you can wear wedges featuring bright, neon colors that look amazing against tanned skin, or you can wear wedges in neutral colors that have intricate leather straps or fabric wraps.

You can also turn a simple outfit into a special one by adding a few pieces of jewelry. The most popular option are by far necklaces, especially the huge, colorful ones with summer motifs such as flowers. However, you should always make sure that the material of the necklace is very durable and isn’t affected by seawater or direct sunlight. Last, but not least you should chose a hat that will protect your from the sun and also complete your look. The trick with accessorizing vacation clothes in knowing when to stop. You usually need just one or two elements to get a glam look. If you overuse accessories, you’ll find that your outfit is no longer comfortable for sitting at the beach.

This year brings many interesting trends in terms of resort wear for women. As always, designers have created gorgeous clothes and accessories that blend unique patterns with functionality. Collections include: summer dresses, shoes (flip flops, sandals, wedges, espadrilles), beach bags, jewelry, swimsuits, hats and sarong wraps. Options are limitless and you can play with color and pattern combinations. Who says you can’t look your best at the beach? To make sure you always get the most elegant and stylish accessories for your summer outfits, subscribe to an online store that specializes in resort wear and offers the trendiest items.

Groshan Fabiola