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Fashion Rights and Wrongs

Always remember that you should wear what you feel happy with and not what someone else says that you should wear. This is the key to always looking good. You should never worry about being different, no matter what your size, as this is what will set you apart from others – and be innovative, keep an eye on trends as this will ensure you are one step ahead of everyone else. Do not settle into a rut, wear something different every week and experiment with colours and style. Fashion is a great deal of fun, so don’t worry about standing out from the crowd – embrace it instead

Women come in all different shapes and sizes and naturally there will always be rights and wrongs as to what will suit any particular shape. French designer fashion is great because not only is it stylish and unique, but quality shows, so you can always team up a beautiful French designer blouse with a much cheaper skirt or trousers to get an expensive look that hasn’t cost the earth. However do not be tempted to wear contrasting patterns and avoid any gathering around the hips and waist as these are all things that will make you look bigger. A flowing A-line skirt in a plain colour, toning in with a bright blouse or jumper will help you to appear slimmer and taller.

There are several ways that you can ensure that your outfit is just right before leaving the house and all it requires is a full length mirror. Look at yourself with a critical eye and ask the following questions:

Does everything you have on fit, or is something too tight?
Does your outfit suit the occasion that you are wearing it to?
Is the outfit right for the weather on that particular day?
Has anyone seen you wearing the same outfit recently at the place you are going to?
Is the outfit individual enough that you won’t see someone wearing something similar?
Does your hairstyle suit your outfit?
Do you have the right type and size of bag with you?
Are you wearing a mix of classic and current French fashion pieces?
Do you feel great and ready for anything?
Look in the mirror one last time and remove that extra piece of jewellery that really isn’t necessary!

That’s it – you are ready to go, confident in the fact that you are wearing at least one item of individual French designer wear that will turn everyone’s heads.

Daniel F Waters