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The Right Accessories To Wear With A Strapless Prom Dress

Are you planning of wearing a strapless prom dress and wondering which are the best accessories to wear? Here is a guide:


Since a strapless dress gives you an exposed, uninterrupted neck and shoulder line, you should go for a necklace that is delicate and draws the attention of the exposed shoulders. The best necklaces that you should go for are chockers. The good thing with them is that they sit tightly against the base of your neck thus giving you a great look.

While chockers are great, they are not ideal for everyone; they are most ideal for those with long necks. If you have a short neck, you should go for Y-necklaces. These accessories feature a chain that meets in the middle of your chest. This aids in elongating your neck without overpowering your exposed skin.

You should also consider going for pendant necklaces that usually come with a thin chain with a metal or stone pendant. Pendant necklaces usually draw the attention towards the center of the dress.


When it comes to earrings, you should go for long earrings that will elongate your neck without the need of a necklace. The best earrings to go for are chandelier accessories that begin wide and then taper as you move towards the jaw.

Dangle earrings are also good. These ones feature a number of thin strands of metal chains that usually end near the jaw line.


Shoes greatly determine how you look. If you are wearing a long strapless dress, you should wear a shoe with a sling-back heel. You can also wear a shoe with a strap that hooks around the back of the foot. A peep-toe shoe is also great if you are wearing a long prom dress.

If you are wearing a short dress, you should go for a shoe that has a heel with a strap that wraps around your ankle and adds length to your leg thus adding visual interest to the entire outfit.

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