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The Do’s and Don’ts of Bridesmaid Dresses

There are so many things to think about when searching for the perfect bridesmaid dress. After all, these are your favorites girls up there with you… you want to find something that makes everyone happy, including yourself. Sometimes, adjustments in the look might have to change based on season, body shape, and skin color, but overall, you want your wedding party to feel beautiful. Here are a number of things to remember when searching for that dress.

1. Consider the color scheme of the wedding and the shapes of your bridesmaids. You may have colors in mind that you want for the theme, but take into effect whether these colors will work on your bridesmaids. Different fabrics can create different hues to bring in a swatch of your ideal color to work with when choosing the dress. Also, make sure that every girl is comfortable with the type of dress you’ve chosen. What looks good on a petite, slim girl may not look as good on a curvier, bustier one. Alexia Bridesmaid dresses and Jordan Bridesmaid dresses are two fantastic companies that offer a wide array of different colors and styles designed to flatter all body shapes.

2. Take budget into consideration. It goes without saying that money can be a huge issue for a potential bridesmaid. Talk with them about their budget and work to find a dress you love within that budget.

3. Make sure to leave time for alternations. Just like you, your bridesmaids may also receive gowns that need adjustments. Make sure to have ample time before the wedding to get these alterations taken care of. Plan a fitting as soon as they arrive – and possibly another one a month before – just to make sure everything still fits properly.

4. Don’t forget about shoes. You could find the perfect dress with the right color, style, and comfort factor, but if you put them in shoes that hurt after an hour, any comfort that dress provides is gone. Shoes are key. They will be on their feet for most of the day. Make sure their shoes really can be “dancing shoes.” Make sure the type of heel suits the location of the wedding. If you are getting married outside in sand or grass, a skinny heel is not a good option.

5. Enjoy these last few days of singlehood with your girls. Laugh, have fun, be silly, and remember everything it is you love about these women that put them in the honorable position of standing up for you on the biggest day of your life. They’ve earned their place of honor. Enjoy them.

Kannikar S. bury