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How to Maximise the Impact of Your Eyes – Eyelash Extensions and Semi-Permanent Mascara

Men just do not appreciate the effort woman go to in order to look great every morning. Trips to the gym or health suite or even intermittent weather can cause another dash to the powder room meaning touch ups to make-up and mascara can be a constant struggle. Then there is the dreaded ‘morning after’ with the new man in your life, panda eyes is never a good look, particularly when you are at the stage where you are trying to impress.

There is not much you can do about make-up wearing or smudging but if the eyes are the gates to the soul, or your lover’s heart, then surely there is something you can do to maximise their impact on a more permanent basis? New products are treatments are being created all the time to provide those Hollywood looks without breaking the bank.

For around 6000 years, women (and some men) have used artificial means to improve the appearance of their eyes. More recently mascara was introduced and since then false eyelashes have been developed. Over the past hundred years these have come a long way but still range from simple strips (which can be anything from the cheap and nasty plastic versions to quite impressive natural options but these types can often be annoying and tend to last a night, at best) to individual semi-permanent eyelashes which can last up to 8 weeks with proper maintenance and care

Semi-permanent eyelash extensions and express eyelash extensions provide individual mink lashes which are attached to your existing lashes and fall out with the natural life cycle of the eyelashes. The two treatments are very similar, using the same products, the difference being semi-permanent lashes which take longer and are generally more expensive use donor (baby) lashes as a foundation while express lashes are able to be added to more mature lashes which are further down their life-cycle and are likely to fall out faster. With either treatment lashes can be built up to be as natural or as glamorous as the client desires. These can be topped up every few weeks to keep them looking great or safely removed using specialist solutions.

In the past couple of years, semi-permanent mascara has been introduced, such as ‘MYscara’, which offers women the natural but ‘done-up’ effect of mascara but without smudging or budging in day-to-day life. This solution, which is only able to be applied by trained eyelash extensionists can last weeks and is lightweight and waterproof. No more coming out the shower looking panda-eyed or worrying about your mascara running during that sad or romantic movie.

These semi-permanent solutions offer great versatility and are great value when compared to strips, which generally only provide one use.

Ryan Francis Malone