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Curves and Corsets

Curves and corsets go so amazingly well together. Have you got curves? Do you own a good steel corset? How does it make you feel when you wear it? I bet you’ll feel gorgeous, confident and fabulous. I know when I wear a steel boned corset it makes me feel supported and really slim. I have a big bust a bit of a mummy tummy, yet a good quality corset helps me feel slimmer and really does give me the support I need for my bust. An acrylic boned corset would never do that, they are cheap and made of bad quality materials. I’d never own one myself and i don’t recommend them to anyone, let alone women who have curves they need to show off.

Plus size steel boned corsets made a huge come back years ago and the industry continues to grow. If a company is only offering steel boned corsets up to a size 12 then they really aren’t living in the real times are they. The average size of a woman in the UK now is a size 16 and these ladies need to be catered for. A good corset seller will offer plus size corsets, most are offered up to a natural waist of 45 inches, after that you are likely to need to a made to measure corset.

Why not an acrylic corset? Because the fabrics are cheap, single layered, ribbon lace up back and cheap plastic boning. It is no secret that curves need more support, hence the steel boned corset. A steel corset will have 10-12 steel bones running through the corset, these corsets are double layered with high quality fabrics and they all have a modesty panel. A modesty panel is perfect for those ladies who have larger busts, they can let the corset out a bit to accommodate their bust and no skin will be on show as the modesty panel with hide your back and be made of the same material and pattern as the outer lining of your corset.

It is this simple, a steel boned corset will smooth your waist, enhance your curves, uplift your bust and give it a boost. It will also make you stand up straight and give great posture. Great posture also makes your bum stick out a bit and your bust. It is hard to believe a corset can do so much, but it really can. Try one and see, you’ll never look back.

Sonya Kolodziejska