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2 Main Types Of Prom Dresses

A prom dress is a must have for any lady attending a prom. For you to feel good in the dress, you should ensure that you wear the right dress. Since the outfits come in different designs and sizes, it can be challenging to choose the right one. To be on the safe side you should ensure that you choose the attire that fits your personality and body type. To help you here are some of the common types of the dresses:


These are ideal for you if you are interested in showing off your legs in a discreet, yet fancy way. The outfits are characterized by asymmetrical hems that can have drastic cuts that reveal from as high as your thighs. There are also others that show only slightly above your knees or calf area.

If you want to show off your lower legs, you should go for a full-skirted outfit that falls right above or at the knee.

Bodice types

There are different types of bodice outfits. For example, there are surplice bodices that usually cross-wrap the midriff in the front or at the back and as a result secure the waist while at the same time putting a lot of focus on the hips and bust lines. The surplice attire is ideal for those with hour-glass figures.

If you have a beautiful waist and you would like to show it off, you should go for a dress with an empire waist. The good side with this dress is that it gathers beneath the bust thus drawing attention to your middle. The outfit also creates a loose flowing fit for your hips and lower end.

Other than surplice bodices, there are other outfits with halter bodices. These dresses are usually sleeveless and backless and they are often secured around the neck with a thin strap of fabric. You can also hold the back using an embellished necklace. The outfit is ideal when you want to show a little bit of skin in a sophisticated manner.


These are some of the most common types of prom dresses. To add elegance to the dress it’s ideal that you add embellishments. The right place to add embellishments is in the neckline, bust line, and the midriff. For a great look you should go for gold or silver embellishments.

In addition to embellishments you should also be cautious of the fabric of the dress. As rule of thumb you should avoid a fabric that will aggravate your skin.

Duncan Lancer