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Why Young Looking Skin Is Important

Ever notice how many women are so concerned about how long they look? You might notice some of these cues if you ask a woman her age. In many cases, women will respond with not so positive reactions to being asked her age. Why is this? Well, in today’s society youth is important to women. But why is youth so important anyway? Well there a number of factors we can go over to explain why youth is so important to women.

Societal Influences

Societal influences tell women that in order to be attractive or desirable they must look youthful among other thing such as thin, beautiful, nice hair, an so many other things. This isn’t always the same for men for example, men have other influences that society super imposes on them. However, age is not usually one of them and the influences are more along the lines of muscles, strength, success, money and leadership roles. This may make sense why many women date men significantly older than them and vice versa.


Youth is generally a sign of attractiveness to men. Youthful women seem more feminine, attractive and supple – generally qualities men look for. In fact youth in women is compare to men having money. Have you ever seen the older successful rich guy with the young beautiful woman? I’m not saying that’s the whole equation, but I am making real world comparisons

Success With Work
Now, since we have established that youth is a facet of beauty, we can go deeper into how beauty affects society. A study was performed that showed beautiful people were paid more, both men and women. So, in theory by looking younger (or more beautiful) you can see more success and influence in the work place as well.

So How Can You Look younger

After a certain age, is it really possible to look younger? Well the answer is Yes. There are numerous things you can do to look younger such as having a healthy diet, exercising regularly and treating your skin with kindness. All of these things can help reduce aging and wrinkles but it’s not a miracle worker all the time. However, skin cream products such as lifecell skin creams or frownies can also help reduce an even hide wrinkles. Hiding wrinkles doesn’t cure the problem, but if you can’t see them does anyone know that they are really there anyway? There are a lot of products on the market, some work and some don’t and it takes a lot of experimentation to find the right one for your skin type.

Christine L Kinney