Wedding Dresses That Will Make You Look Slimmer

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Wedding is an institution which has attracted us towards it from time and again because of the notion of sanctity attached to it. People have taken its sanctity as the symbol of their love, loyalty, passion and faithfulness for their partner. This association that a wedding attaches to itself is the reason because of which it is one of the most memorable and important day in everyone’s life. On this special day, every bride wants to look her level best and definitely the slimmest possible. Every bride hunt for a wedding dress that will make her look slim and beautiful. Here are some of the wedding dress which you should take into consideration to decorate your special day with your stunning and breath taking appearance. Selection of the right kind of wedding dress will complete your wedding picture.

Selecting a right wedding dress, definitely depends on the type of body shape you have. Once you recognize your shape well, you will find the right dress for your wedding.

When you have a pear shape body, which means you have a heavy bottom and not the heavy breast then you should pay extra attention on your blouse designs to balance the proportion of your breast size with your bottom. Blouses with great detailing will be helpful to add volume to your upper body. Wear a kind of lehenga, which doesn’t add much volume to your bottom because this is the portion of your body which doesn’t need volume.

 If you are an apple shaped woman then you should wear long U-shaped blouses and V-shaped blouses. Anything with empire waist length and designs similar to them will suit you better. Low necklines will also help to resolve the proportion issue.

To find the right wedding dresses for women for an hour glass figure won’t be problem at all as probably everything suits this figure. Still a fishtail lehenga, draped saree or gown will enhance the beauty of this figure. A halter neckline is also a nice choice.

If you have a cone shaped body then you have an opposite body shape to a pear shaped woman. Anything that makes your broad shoulder look more bold, is a bad choice for you like a blouse with excessive details. In case of the lehenga, the lehengas with wide, flares and lots of detail will proportionate your look.

If you are a petite body woman then you are comparatively lucky then many other women, your body has much scope for experimentation than anyone else. You can wear lehenga with lots of flares and blouse with all sorts of neckline, low neckline, halter neckline etc.

These are some of the significant tips you can use while buying your wedding dress and feel beautiful.

Pooja Sharma