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Understanding Different Types Of Evening Dresses

Looking to purchase a dress for an evening or a cocktail party, you must have a fair idea of the different types of evening dresses, so you could pick the right one according to the shape of your body.

Whether you are a young teen just entering the world of dresses or a tomboy that needs to get her first evening dress for a wedding, you need to know the basic kinds of evening dresses to make an informed choice. Since not all styles of dress silhouettes are suited to all body types, it is best to learn about basic dress types to pick out the best and most elegant evening dresses for your wardrobe.


A sheath dress is the simplest kind of evening dress. It’s a button less dress that drapes onto the body like a second skin. Such dresses are perfect for highlighting a perfect 10 body and do not need to be accessorized too much.


An A-line dress is one of the most exquisite evening dresses that features a hemline that is larger than the waistline or the shoulder. Such evening dresses are suited for summers and girls that aren’t comfortable with snugly fitted dresses.

Mermaid or fishtail

The fishtail or mermaid dress is a floor length evening gown that comes with a very snugly fitting bodice that usually extends right down to the mid-thigh or knee. The idea behind fishtail or mermaid dresses is to highlight the feminine silhouette perfectly.


The trumpet dress basically falls the same as the fishtail evening gown with the only noticeable difference being that the skirt on a trumpet dress would begin to flare out at the hip bone instead of knee level or mid-thigh.


The empire dress or the empire-line dress is one of the most elegant evening dresses that features a well fitted bodice with an A-line skirt beginning right from the underside of the bodice itself. A summery silhouette for sure, the dress is perfect for hiding baby bumps and heavier hips. For skinny girls, it could help create the illusion of fuller bust line too.

Dropped Waist

A dropped waist dress basically is a single-piece, loosely fitting dress that is structured to look like a top and a miniskirt combo. The “waist” of the “skirt” on the dress appears a few inches below the naval instead of the natural waist, thus creating the illusion of the waist being “dropped.”


A princess style dress usually comprises of a strapless, reinforced bodice that holds up a massive, flared skirt that may or may not feature a bot of a train on it.

Hanky Hem or asymmetrical

A hanky hem or asymmetrical dress comes with a hemline that features overlapping bits of fabric. This creates the illusion of the wearer being wrapped in a handkerchief.

Basque waist

A Basque waist is also known as a V waist. Dresses with Basque waists usually feature a fitted bodice that hits the wearer right down to the pelvic boned with a pointed V silhouette, allowing the bodice to wrap snugly right down to lower abs and the back. Such dresses usually feature a fuller skirt.