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Things To Wear To A Wedding

Ever been invited to a wedding and weren’t quite sure what to wear? Most of us have dealt with this dilemma, and while every wedding is different, there are some simple rules to follow that apply to practically any wedding.

We have all heard the number one wedding rule: Don’t wear white. Some may say this is an outdated rule, but wearing white, no matter the dress, no longer makes the bride stand out on her special day. There are other pale or neutral options to choose from while respecting the bride. On the other hand, it’s okay to wear the same color as the bridesmaids or family members of the bride and groom. It’s nearly impossible to coordinate with the entire wedding party, and the bride should be the main focus of the day, anyway.

In that same vein, regardless of whether the wedding is formal or more casual, don’t wear a dress that’s too flashy. Even if it’s not white, wearing something that’s too eye-catching will draw focus away from the bride as well. If you still want to add some glam or flare to your ensemble, you can always accessorize with a sequined cocktail clutch or adorn yourself with shimmering cocktail jewelry to jazz up any dress. This way you can be a little flashy without overshadowing the bride on her wedding day.

The easiest, go-to option is of course the Little Black Dress. With one of these bad boys, you can easily accessorize according to the requested attire without drawing attention from the bride while still looking fabulous. This little number is timeless and appropriate for any big occasion and can be worn differently depending on your choice of shoe and fashion accessories. While the little black dress is a fashion favorite, don’t forget about all of the other colors you can have fun with. Keep the season in mind and choose a color palette accordingly. Pale pastels or floral prints are great for spring and summer, while jewel-tones and colors like gold are silver are more appropriate for autumn and winter months.

Remember, no matter what type of wedding it is that you are going to, keeping it classy, doesn’t mean you can’t be bold. While wearing a bold print or wearing white may cause some controversy, you can always rely on a bold print show or clutch to bring some personality to your ensemble.

Crystal G.