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The Style: How To Wear Spring Trends

The season of spring is the season which has always been symbolic of freshness and feeling of rejuvenation. This the season too in which all the designers get the opportunity to come up with so many designs, which they might not bring even in the whole year round. One of the spring trends that is worn with at most enthusiasm by every woman is the different kinds of prints on tops, dresses etc. All women are fascinated by the idea of wearing prints but the thing that needs attention is that there is a way to mix up prints and there is an elegant way to mixing prints then only you are probable to achieve the graceful look and not the chaotic look.

One thing that plays a significant role in the mixing of prints is the scale of the prints. For example if you are planning to wear the same print in too different things like your top and your skirt then you can complement the prints by mixing one very small print with the same print in larger print. Imagine a leopard or animal print, which is one of the most prioritized prints, in combination of small sized leopard print top and large size leopard print skirt. That looks stunning in this type of pairing.

When you are fond of wearing different prints together like a printed top with printed skirt then you must know that a common color between the two prints is a very attractive combination. A common color between the two different prints you are wearing, works as a connector.

 Summer dresses with stripes print is one of the easiest to mix with. It can carry off some bold prints easily like floral prints, animal prints, geometric prints etc. when you are planning to wear bright floral prints and are not very sure of what to wear with it to subtle down its brightness then the best option for you to mix it with is the stripe print.

As mixing same print of different scale is an exciting option, in similar way when you are trying to mix two different prints then one thing that works always is to mix two different prints with same color. For example a polka dot skirt in black and white with a floral print black and white dress. These dresses for summer are undoubtedly awesome and will make you look different.

Pooja Sharma